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Sachin Karanjit’s US Visit

Growth of Deerwalk’s Nepal office has been phenomenal. I have been a part of this family since its early days and have seen it growing from one room office to where it is now. I recently got back from a month long second US visit and this time around I saw the growth of US office too. Things have changed a lot since my last visit; the office space is much bigger now with nice setting and ambience, the number of resources in US office has grown and the team there looks much more complete than it was earlier.

I stayed at Sanjeev’s place during my visit and he is the most welcoming host anyone could ever have. My last visit to Boston was in winter and I experienced the chilly side of Boston’s weather then. The good thing about this visit personally for me was that I get to experience the sunny side of Boston’s weather. The summer was coming to an end and fall was about to start, so for me the weather was perfect to take trips and visit new places. I made sure that I plan my trips during weekends and make most out of it. I was lucky enough to visit NY City, Providence, New Hampshire, Virginia, DC and California during my stay.

The weekdays were all business. The prospects of new clients, meetings with existing clients, taking care of services operation in Nepal and learning some new business related to Healthcare was more of a daily routine. The lunch time was always fun filled and short walks after lunch with colleagues was a breather during work. I got to meet and work with the new members of Deerwalk’s US team. The already familiar faces inside the office was comforting and all those little nervy feelings were all gone.

We had a small get together at Rudra’s place and Muna was our gracious host. The camaraderie was great, the food were delicious and the drinks were flowing.

The camaraderie was great, the food were delicious and the drinks were flowing.

All of us had good time there. Dinner at Abanish and Smriti’s place was amazing. I am personally very grateful to Sanjeev, Sagar, Manish, Ashay, Sushant, Abanish, Muna and Smriti for patiently helping me out to travel around Boston and go for shopping errands. I felt home away from home in Boston as everybody was so welcoming and made sure that my stay was fun. I capped off my stay by attending Indra Jatra festival organized by Newah Organization of New England and it felt so good to see our culture and traditions being followed enthusiastically so many miles away from homeland.

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