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Sabin Krishna Shrestha’s US Visit

Travelling is always fun. Always full of unfamiliar experiences, it also gives you opportunities to interact and share your thoughts with people you’ve never met. After 14 hours of flight from Doha, Boston welcomed us with light snow showers in the chilly afternoon. It was a pleasant welcome because I loved the wintry weather; the snowfall was comforting and relaxing for our jaded bodies.

Burlington’s Extended Stay was the new home for Madhukar and me for a month. Suresh Dai, Prassana Dai, and Milan greeted us. They gave us a quick tour of the hotel and Burlington. Hot coffee was the right beverage in the cold snowy mornings.

December 2 was the first day at the US office. I was happy to see many familiar faces. I have worked closely with them. Working with Smriti Di was fun and joyful. We established a common point in our activities and promoted the project. We had daily meetings, discussed current issues, additional features for OM, and worked on the sprint plan. Working culture, environment, processes: everything differed from Nepal. It was marvelous to learn about the new work environment and culture.

As we were there in the festive season in December, it was magnificent, hosting a Christmas party with Deerwalkers in Season 52. Also, the Yankee Swap at the office was pretty memorable. The feeling of being at home was when Suresh Dai invited us to momo party, and we had a splendid time with his family. Lunch with Smriti Di, Mukta Di, and Sanjeev Dai was wonderful. It’s even fun to buy groceries and cooking that we’ve never used.

While in the US, I flew to Washington D.C. to join my cousin at Christmas. I came across houses decorated with lights and flowers for Christmas. I also visited Arlington to meet my cousin.

Besides office and work, I visited unfamiliar places to explore the beauty of nature, learn about the US culture, and gain more experience. My first trip was New York and then to New Jersey. Subway, walking on the road, traffic jams, transportation are some memories of this trip. We also want to thank Nitish for planning and making this trip a memorable one. I also went to the IMAX. Thanks to Ashaya Dai for the movie ticket of Star Battle. Some memorable events on my trips are Ice Skating at Kendall Square, Harvard Square, MIT, Boston Shopping Center, and Boston Common.

December 31 was the last day at the US office for us. We were all ready to go back to Nepal. Before returning, we received a warm farewell. All thanks to Dave, Jeff, and the Deerwalk US family. I am grateful to the Deerwalk US family for caring and supporting us, and thanks for providing the opportunity to attend to gain certification on the Scrum Master.

Once again, thanks to Deerwalk for this opportunity.

[Sabin Krishna Shrestha , Associate Project Manager at Deerwalk Services Pvt. Ltd. Nepal, visited Deerwalk Inc, USA, from December 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019]