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Royal Plots and Palace Massacre Revealed

Astounding facts on Royal Palace Massacre and top secret scandals of Royalties depicted in a book.
A novel based on reportage of a journalist has revealed astounding facts of Nepalese history. Rakta Kunda (meaning the bloody well) by a journalist Krishna Abiral has outstandingly revealed the activities of the Royal family members which used to …

remain top secret. The book depicts the history since 104 year long Ranarchy (from 1847 to 1951) and the Monarchy ruled by Shah Dynasty …till much talked and sorrowful Palace Massacre in June 1, 2001. In a sense, the book has tried to rewrite the history of that time.

The book begins as a recalling of a personal experience. Which can rightly be termed as prelude. However, the writer jumps into a conversation on which an old woman recalls her olden days and what she heard from her elders. The women is the former maiden at the Royal Palace, who was sent as a dowry to serve the then Crown Princess (Wife of Crown Prince Mahendra) and currently Queen Mother Ratna. The woman goes on recalling the past and revealing the secrets inside the Palace right till twenty years ago unless she left the Palace owing to her old age. The novel reveals that the women left her daughter as her successor in service of Queen Mother who then continues the narrative till the Royal Palace Massacre who turns to be the eye witness of the fatal incident.

The book mainly focuses on sex scandals of the Kings and Princes. It also depicts how the Shah Kings amassed the national property and deceived people. To take an instance, late King Mahendra sold the Narayanhiti Royal Palace to the government in 330 million rupees which was already a government asset. Another big amassing is that he transferred 20 million pounds deposited in an English bank in the name of his wife Ratna. The money was given by the British government to Nepal for her assistance during the first and the Second World War.

Most astounding is the depiction of Royal Palace Massacre which remains the sorriest incident in Nepalese history on which Nepalese people lost their Beloved King, Queen, Crown Prince, Prince and Princess and many other members of the Royal family. In this massacre, all members of King Birendra lost their lives whereas none of the present King Gyanendra’s family members was even injured in the incident. The then Prince Gyanendra was enthroned as King and a commission formed by him on the incident reported that the then Crown Prince Dipendra shoot them all and later shoot himself. The cause was denial of his parents on marrying him with the girl of his choice. Hence, alleging a dead person, the perpetrators of the incident were concealed.

However, the book has shown the next side of the coin. The narrator of the incident is the eye witness as well as a victim of the incident. She had lost her husband who used to manage the parties in the Palace. Desparate with her husband’s death and Palace’s denial to announce his death, she left her service in the Royal Palace and has recently settled in the USA. She tells that more than two people in the mask of Crown Prince Dipendra fired all the bullets which she was observing from the nearby room. The evidences seem trustworthy.

Hence, writer Abiral has dared to speak the truth which has thrilled the perpetrators. It has rewritten the history of Royal Palace Massacre and revealed many other unwritten and unrevealed anti national acts of Shah Kings. It has strengthened Nepalese doubt that the Royal Palace massacre was a long planned plot. Many Royal family members including Queen Aishwarya and the then Prince Gyanendra were dissatisfied with King Birendra’s decision to give back the democracy to the people. Which was the beginning point of the massacre, the book indicates.

There are reports that the book is talk of tongue inside the Royal Palace as well. The book has also made record on its sale. The challenge journalist Abiral took on bringing out this book is worthy of salutation. The way he gave the shape of novel to the reportage is more praise worthy. It is one of the best examples that journalism is literature written in hurry. And also that journalism can rewrite the history.

Some facts revealed by the book
King Mahendra sold the Narayanhity Royal Palace to the government and took 330 million rupees which was already a government property.

King trivuwan, Mahendra and Birendra and Birendra including other Princes were indulged in various sex scandals.

They used to have multiple wives, some publicly recognized and others confined within the Palace.

Rabindra Shah is the son of King Mahendra, who was elder than Birendra but denied Crown Prince because he was from similar unclaimed wife.

King Mahendra transferred 20 million Pound on his wife Ratna’s name which was given by British government to the Nepal government in return of Nepal’s assistance during first and second world wars.

King Mahendra committed suicide with the admission that his partyless Panchayat system jeopardised national sovereignty. Indira Gandhi’s expansionism compelled him to think that next victim could be Nepal.

At least three people masked in Dipendra’s face committed the Royal Palace Massacre who killed those all the family members of King Birendra.

The then Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala was detained by the army for few hours who reached the Royal Palace to seek the truth about the incident.

0 thoughts on “Royal Plots and Palace Massacre Revealed

  1. lickpaSow, even maoists in government are useless. They have not been able to impeach the king about massacare which would quitely drive him away from nepal.

  2. The writer wanted to share experience inside the Narayanhity Palace. Everyone don’t have a sense of literature. Book was just a medium of communication. Fact and Fact, “Because” person who is “Drunk” cannot handle imapact of a gunshot. And that too a Ryattaaaa taataaaaaaaa Phyaire. How could Dipendra shoot with thoes heavy guns, that too by making several choices? In a so called Ryaaaa taaaaataaaaaaa way…

  3. Dila, Sunny, Dovan, Journalism need to have all facts say, Imagine Gyanendra telling before court about the Royal massacare to free himself of the accusations on him since the unfateful friday night.Until he does so, and until the justification of many other deaths after Royal massacare, the falling from chooper, and others, any writer can write many other books. Even Girija is mum as he was prime minister and he knows everything on what truly happened. He does not speak because he fears more than Abiral. The Book has protected the true identity of one who saw everything, in case we again do not hear news/ or my never hear at all who gets KILLED for revealing the secrets. It’s mafioso job people, not common.I never knew you people bloggers still think the King is good.you people better stop blogging and praise the king saying, no proof, so you can’t be blamed.

  4. Your headlines and article do not match at all. Article heading says ” Royal Massacre revealed” but you have not provided anything such in the article. It is just like Paul Neil getting out of White house in 2003 and telling that ” Iraq war plan was made in the lunch table”. Did anyone listen to him as of today? Nope…..

  5. Indraji,
    read it thoroughly and loved not because it was a proven and authentic one but because it always questioned my childhood belief that the king was heavenly figure ,perhaps the most sacred and the true human or and all in all and so so………
    The authenticity of the reportage might have been born of the fictional and artistic writing of the author in some points.But as coming to public with false reports does breed the threat to one’s life,there is a ground to say that the efforts are made genuinely.Some historician’s different version on what the author attempts to prove through the old maid’s statements obviously put question mark on either the historicians or the author himself.
    Whatever be the reality,author Abiral is able to prove that journalism can be literary adventure too.

  6. Hey Dovan
    It wud be better to say our king is the reincarnation of Indra.
    You know better What happens in Indra darwar.
    Whats the problem if the kings enjoys that freedom as western ppl do and other ordinary nepalese are thinkin of
    … HAHA

  7. the book is just based on stories told by an old maid of Ratna and the stories are again based on the royal gossips. So the authenticity of all facts will remain under question.

    but this has of course exposed the dirty games of power and se_x in the court.

    those who still believe the king incarnation of ‘vishnu’ must read to know what kind of ‘leela’ do happen in the court and what the settlers of the ‘baikuntha’ think of their lord.

  8. worthless book, poor language, No base for the so called facts, focussed on sex scandals of royal family, in my opinion cheap second grade novel written to make money which has utilized the detest for royal family

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