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Rock-climbing at Nagarjun

Title Rock-climbing at Nagarjun
Start Date 06/20/2010
End Date 06/20/2010
Duration (hrs) 5 hrs. (4 hours onsite)
Distance (km) 4 kms
Hike coordinator Badri Adhikari
Participants Adam Manandhar, Badri Adhikari, Shashi Acharya, Chandra Man Shrestha, Eliza Shrestha, Mahesh Regmee
Manik Madhikermi, Manish Shrestha, Nikesh Shrestha, Pratiksha Regmi, Praveen Manandhar, Subin Shrestha,
Sudeep Ghimire
Photos by Adam Manandhar, Shashi Acharya, Mahesh Regmee, Nikesh Shrestha, Subin Shrestha
Captions by Badri Adhikari,
Report by Adam Manandhar, Eliza Shrestha, Pratiksha Regmi
Creative Support Dijup Tuladhar, Prerana Pradhan

Pratiksha Regmi recollects:

Rock Climbing was a completely alien adventure to me and I had mixed impression then. I joined the team on Sunday morning and we headed for our destination, Nagarjun, the coveted and beautiful landscape located just outside of Kathmandu valley at half an hour drive. There are 20 routes of varying difficulty, chimney climbs, overhangs and bouldering. The soothing serenity of the place added to the enthusiasm of rock climbing. It was a coincidence that the instructor for rock climbing was the same person who had formerly managed the canyoning event. After brief acquaintance with the instruments to be used and the procedures, we started our task for the day. There were different levels of rock to be climbed as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on with increasing order of difficulty. Soon we realized that rock climbing was exhaustive and extremely demanding but all the efforts paid off when we reached the top of the rock. It was like reaching the top of the world and made me feel like the owner of the world. The descending with the gravity was also interesting. The fascinating bushwalk to the start of exciting abseil, gliding down through the rope from the beginning to the end make this hiking one of the most memorable hikes of my life.

All in all, rock climbing is simply an awesome adventure to boost one’s self confidence. The sense of climbing to the top with a lot of struggle fills you with energy and attitude of achieving your goal in the life despite the obstacles and hindrances.

Adam Manandhar recollects:

“Live free or die hard.” Until my adventurous rock climbing experience I thought this was only good in any fantasy movie. But my perception changed. One will not know how exciting and thrilling rock climbing can be until one does it by himself. In order to feel the thrill, we headed towards the rocky hills of Nagarjun jungle to experience one of the most exciting moments of our life. The weather and place were perfect and the stage was set. Fortunately, the rocky hill was inside the jungle so the scorching sun did not add to the tedious nature of rock climbing. The moment we saw the place, we were thrilled and excited. Heavily influenced by Hollywood movies, initially, we thought it was an easy job to do. Soon we realized it was not a child’s play. You have to be alert as well as cautious about whatever you do. Safety comes first. Then our guide explained how this was done. Soon every member started to make their hand dirty, two at a time. It was fun to see all other climb and when it was my turn, I realized, it was now or never. With all the confidence, I started to climb. With my best effort I finally managed to reach the pinnacle but when it was time to descend, my hand started to tremble. I could not believe that I was at the top of the hill, with the support of the rope, a single rope. With the encouragement of my colleagues and the guide I safely reached the ground. After that we again tried to climb in different direction to the acme, with much more confidence of course. After that we had our lunch and then waited for just another thrilling part of the day. Our guide made us speechless when he told that we had to decline from about 60 feet hill. But it was just for a second. Soon everyone started to grab the harness and began to reach at the top of the cliff. Then one by one all tumbled down to the ground. It was just like doing the stunt in the movie. We enjoyed every second, and losing all the sweat we had and returned back, keeping the unforgettable moment in the mind.

Eliza Shrestha recollects:

After one hour of walk from the main gate of Nagarjun National Park, we reached the spot and in front of us was a huge big scary rock, challenging our fear and physical strength. The climbing cliff, I looked most suitable for a beginner. The limestone rock face is about 12-15 m high and bears the remnants of earlier climbs, and there are several piton-equipped routes, where you can experience the adrenaline pumping sport of rock climbing. Nikesh, Subin and Sashi were the most excited and all ready to experience the enthralling adventure. After the required setup, the guides tied the ropes around their body, wore the helmet and scrambled themselves up this rock. Subin dai’s encouraging words to everyone was – “Dar ke Aagey Jeet hai.” They were giving their best to reach the top and rest of us were simply loving to see their body languages, their facial expression and their struggle to get the victory. All other candidates were laughing out loud and making fun out of them.
After lunch, one of the guides, showing the highest rock next by, said that we’d next be doing Abseiling – getting down the hill from top. Abseiling seemed more dangerous than the climbing itself since the ropes must constantly bear the full weight of the climber and this time one has to balance and move the rope himself. Moreover, the rock was more dangerous, stiff and higher than where we climbed. Once again, my turn came and everyone encouraged me to try, especially Chandra did not give up until I was persuaded. Finally, I decided it is like once or never. Finally, I made it and enjoyed the chilling descent, as everyone did.

Origin Location2 Destination
Name Balaju Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park Rock-climbing spot inside the jungle
District Kathmandu
Zone Bagmati
Altitude 1500 m
Recommended Items to See Forest and rocks
Recommended Places to Eat Not available
Recommended Places to Stay Not allowed
Recommended Activities Hiking Rock Climbing
Recommended means of transportation VAN/Bus/Bike
Available means of transportation VAN/Bus/Bike
Distance from previous Location 3 kms 1 km 3 kms
Means of Transport Bike/VAN
Duration 1 hr on VAN 0.5 hrs 1 hr (4 hours onsite)

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