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Riding on the Biggest Land Animal

323. Riding on the Biggest Land Animal
Photo By: Nishchal
Post Date: 20th Jan, 2009

Elephant riding is being popular Not only to foreigners but also to Nepali People. It’s worth riding elephant inside the dense Chitwan Jungle, watching different wild animals and birds.

0 thoughts on “Riding on the Biggest Land Animal

  1. Good ‘subject’ but the picture looks very static because Nishchal didn’t go for right moment to click it. He should have waited few more seconds when all local tourists get seated and elephant start to prowl.

    Perspective of this picture could get improved by going few steps to the right showing elephant by side which would allow viewers to see more tourists and the Machan made for riding elephant.

    I know one can not think of all this when photographing but knowing possibilities of improving pictures can be great help for next time.

    Keep striving Nishchal. This is the secret recipe to master on this craft ‘Photography’.

  2. Bikash and hiking fan , typo: extension means longeivity but it should have been extinction.

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