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Hiking from Thankot to Matatirtha via Chitlang Bhanjyang

Theme: Revisiting the History
Hiking Route: Thankot, Chitlang, Chakhel, Chunikhel, Matatirtha, Chandragiri, Ramche
Total Distance covered: 14 km (approx)
Duration: 8 hours
Date: August 10, 2008
Participants: Bhanu Chalise, Dinesh Bajracharya, Himal Karmacharya,Manoj Rokka, Kapil Pandey, Lava Kafle,Prajwal Shrestha, Rachit Nepal, Rudra Pandey, Shiva K Pun
Report by: RachitN
Caption: BhanuC,DineshB,RachitN
Photos: BhanuC,ManojR,RachitN
Coordinator: Bhanu Chalise

As some of hikers were absent and we were limited to 10, we changed our previous route and planned to hike the route from where the first car was brought to Kathmandu by human portage for the then Royal family. By 7 am we left office premises and drove to Thankot and started hiking from there. History was not limited up to exploring the way motor cars were brought to Kathmandu but also we were eager to see those places from where king Prithvi Narayan Shah observed Kathmandu and planned the unification of Nepal. We headed to south-west to reach Chahakhel and finally to Kirtipur and then started the accent. Due to steep climb and hot weather we soon felt tired and hungry. On our way, we managed to get find a small hotel where we ate “Chiura” with “Aaloodam”. It was 9:15 am and we continued our journey after enjoying breakfast .After progressing an hour along the steep climb Dinesh got cramps on both of his both legs he had no way other than to quit hiking. Dinesh returned from there along with Prajwal. Reduced to 8,we continued our hiking meeting locals who were heading to Kathmandu to sell their traditional brass utensils for bread and butter.

The view of Kathmandu valley was clear from the height. The weather then became cool and misty so our walk became relatively easier. We decided to take a possible shortcut and walked through the dark jungle. The gentle and cool breeze made us forget our tiredness. We finally reached Chandragiri hill from where Chitlang village was clearly visible. Chitlang is border of Kathmandu and Makawanpur. It was the place where Prithvi Narayan Shah observed Kathmandu during unification of Nepal. The route we had been traversing was the same route from where first car entered Nepal. The route had both political and historical importance as it was the main route to join lowlands of Nepal and India during the Rana regime. The route was equally memorable to Lava dai because he once had to carry his bike in the steep height.
The the crucial part of our hike was about to begin. A local suggested us not to take the way through the jungle citing leech and the toughness of the route .We however decided to continue. Entering jungle we met some farmers who were busy collecting “Tusa”-a kind of bamboo soot. Most of us bought “Tusa” there. The route through the jungle was not as tough as we had thought it would be. We got excited to have a complete view of Kathmandu valley. We enjoyed some food stuff brought that we had taken along.

We then walked downhill but unfortunately we were unable to determine the right way. So we were lost. We began explore new paths to go down which made our hike tougher. Thorny bushes, blood-sucker leeches, almost vertical steepness and uncertainty of the path made our hike pretty difficult. At that time we were carefree about leeches and we didn’t hesitate on grasping thorny bushes for support while sliding down. We made our way on own and managed to get the trail made by some woodcutters. We felt great relief. But that was not the end of the hike. We walked downhill continuously for 2 hours. Sliding on red mud was common. And surprisingly we reached Matatirtha and there we freshened ourselves up. It was about 4 pm. We returned back to Kathmandu at about 5 pm and had some “Dhido” and “Masu ko rash”.
The hike was memorable in many ways, its toughness, view of Kathmandu valley, leeches, historical background etc.

Some memorable quotes
LavaK: “I had to carry my bike myself in this 90° steep.”
RudraP: ”Walking uphill means earning money and walking downhill means spending money so walking downhill after walking uphill give same pleasure as you spend your own money after earning. Walking only uphill is only earning but not spending. And walking only downhill without walking uphill means spending money which you had not earned.”
BhanuC: ”The leech on Himal dai’s back was TT ball sized.”
LavaK: ”I am leaving my both hand. I am going to slide.”
ShivaP: ”I won’t hike even if I get Rs 2000 allowance.”

01 Morning
02 Point
And beautiful building
03 And beautiful building
Hiking Team
04 Hiking Team
Is caring
05 Is caring
The beginning
06 The beginning
Yet another day
07 Yet another day
Chundevi Mandir (Chundevi Temple)
08 Chundevi Mandir (Chundevi Temple)
For later
09 For later
What's the story morning glory
10 What’s the story morning glory
Jurassic park
11 Jurassic park
Mountainous village
12 Mountainous village
Amidst clouds
13 Amidst clouds
Clouds surrounding the mountain
14 Clouds surrounding the mountain
Smile brought by food
15 Smile brought by food
Heading towards that peak
16 Heading towards that peak
Sirius and cumulus in mountain
17 Sirius and cumulus in mountain
Trying to hide behind clouds
18 Trying to hide behind clouds
Vehicle can reach here
19 Vehicle can reach here
Wonderful trail
20 Wonderful trail
We won't find this route in Boston
21 We won’t find this route in Boston
Can you spot the aerie
22 Can you spot the aerie
Cramp on Dinesh Leg started
23 Cramp on Dinesh Leg started
All looking up to heaven
24 All looking up to heaven
Cushion made from bottle
25 Cushion made from bottle
They need to quit hiking
26 They need to quit hiking
Heat in clouds
27 Heat in clouds
Cameras in front and back
28 Cameras in front and back
Come with me
29 Come with me
The zig zag road
30 The zig zag road
Praying for drops of water
31 Praying for drops of water
Hope this sale will feed my family
32 Hope this sale will feed my family
A seller comes from the mist
33 A seller comes from the mist
The seller in light
34 The seller in light
Gates to mystic and misty peaks
35 Gates to mystic and misty peaks
I would cross the mystic gates
36 I would cross the mystic gates
Through the bushes
37 Through the bushes
Welcome to chandragiri
38 Welcome to chandragiri
Above the clouds
39 Above the clouds
Wow that's chitang
40 Wow that’s chitang
Chitlang seen from chandra giri
41 Chitlang seen from chandra giri
Cafe de' chitlang but deserted
42 Cafe de’ chitlang but deserted
In Chandra giri peak
43 In Chandra giri peak
Left chitlang chose unknown way
44 Left chitlang chose unknown way
Muthha ko kasari ho
45 Muthha ko kasari ho
The TUSHA seller
46 The TUSHA seller
Some hiker doing office job even from here
47 Some hiker doing office job even from here
Team busy eating
48 Team busy eating
A bird over the concrete forest
49 A bird over the concrete forest
Valley under dark cloud
50 Valley under dark cloud
Trail under network
51 Trail under network
We could not reach there
52 We could not reach there
53 Swayambhu
54 Hills
Kathmandu valley
55 Kathmandu valley
Thorns on either sides
56 Thorns on either sides
Unidentified creature
57 Unidentified creature
Slide of hike 1
58 Slide of hike 1
Guys how did you get there
59 Guys how did you get there
There is  no vertical limit 1
60 There is no vertical limit 1
There is no vertical limit 2
61 There is no vertical limit 2
Slide of hike 1
62 Slide of hike 1
Slide of hike 2
63 Slide of hike 2
I give up
64 I give up
Now wasn't that easy
65 Now wasn’t that easy
We came we saw we conquer
66 We came we saw we conquer
67 Deforestation
Mother at Matatirtha
68 Mother at Matatirtha
 Spot d2ians
69 Spot d2ians
Statue at Matatirtha
70 Statue at Matatirtha
Taps at Matatirtha
71 Taps at Matatirtha

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  15. pic 42 farthest hut was used by prithvi narayan shah and renovated. his army used to guard him from quarters around. 200 years old ren ovation good guys, well done by visiting..

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