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Reunion of Tri-chandra College – 2037 I.SC. Physical Group

It was a great experience to see college friends after 25 years. It was hard to believe that 25 years had passed since we last hung around together at the Tri-Chandra campus area. We were 60 plus students in physical group (the group of students who joined college to prepare for engineering school). We were there as either our parents wanted us to be an engineer, or we were dreaming to become an engineer. All of us had some dreams and dreams kept changing everyday as we had to go through …

various science related courses. Personally, I wanted to be a physicist but my elders wanted me to pursue engineering course. We were privileged enough to have an opportunity to join Tri-Chandra college at the heart of the capital city. I am not therefore surprised to see all of us have done well. Either we pushed ourselves to some success level, or our family/relatives did so. About six months back, we came with an idea to form an e-mail group to revisit the past and check what college buddies are currently doing. Within a month, more than 30 of us were able to link up via e-mail group (today we are 37 in the mail group). We are hoping to have all of our friends to join the mail group as e-mail has become a household phenomenon in Nepal.

Last month, we decided to have a reunion party at Kathmandu. We chose the date on June 29, 2007. Following friends were able to join the party at Dwarika’s Hotel, Battisputali, Kathmandu:

Anup Malla
Ashok Banskota
Byoma Tamrakar
Basu Sakha
Bhanu Shrestha
Bhuwan Shrestha
Deependra Gauchan
Dinesh Pant
Dinesh Pathak
Munna Lal
Manoj Siddhi
Pradeep Shakya
Pramod Bista
Navin Shrestha
Raj Krishna
Rudra Pandey
Sanjay Shrestha
Sushil Pandey.

It was amazing to hear friends sharing how they spent last 25 years. The diversity was so rich that we were awed that single group of 60 plus students could cover so many areas and so many parts of the world. It would have been sort of boring if all of us had an engineering degree as we had planned back then. Thanks god, it turned out to be otherwise.

When college and school buddies meet after a long span of time, they form committees and make big plans. We did not try any sort of those things. I have been through that. Such committees become sort of dead after a while. We let the meeting go freely without any plan of action. But I personally learned a lot and realized, as wiser people say, that there is always more to learn.

Photos with captions speak louder than my words. Please browse and enjoy.

Anup, Bhuwan, and Basu Sakha – Munna saying – no more photo

Anup talking and Ashok like in college days not listening to Guru

Anup does not like the Dwarika’s party room

Anup couting the number of candles – he is asking why only three

Anup and Navin wanted to see if Rudra still could talk like in College days – here he goes

Anup and Navin – Anup thinking about how to make next million $

Anup again – in comtrolling mood after crowd goes wild

Another look

Deepandra – social media Guru talking – he did not need four years college degree


Clapping for Neta’s cabre dance


Byoma expaling how dis she meet her husband

Bhuwan thinking of migrating to Europe and Byoma suggesting not to

BHuwan Dinesh Pathak, Munna and Anup

Bhuwan – he has Moti Bindu – check his eye


Asking for donation

Guess – who is talking

Girija Dance

Future Communication Minister Banskota

Finally all Clapping

Dinesh Pathak and Munna Lal – Munna opening secret about booming Grecery Biz at Kathamndu

Dinesh Pathak – the PhD from Japan – currently TC professor

Dinesh Pant – the Future Nepal Telecom GM – standing next to Navin the Banker

Deuba Dance

Deependra’s wife wanted color his hair to Grey – you know why

Deependra controlling chaos

Nasty Anup

Munna, Sushil, Dinesh Pathak

More Struggle

Jolly Deependra and Manoj Siddhi

Jolly Bhuwan – his eyes are fine now

In college we never like this – Deependra always busy with Girls

Happy Group

Happy Again

Guess whose hand next Gorkha

Guess laughing at or laughing with

Raj Krishna – still same style

Pramod the Nepali paper tycoon talking

Pramod Bista and Navin

Pradeep – the travel sector Veteran talking

Paying attention to Rudra’s stroy

On diet plan

No more paper talk

Neta Jee

Neta jee dancing

Navin the Banker wants to invest in Grocery biz and Munna does not want Bank money

Sujata Dance

Successful Biz person – Manoj giving clues

Still struggling

See our Physics Teacher Bijay L has become a Buddhist Monk

Sanjay Shreshta – future CPmmander-in-Chief

Sanjay – military is still there – do not threaten

Sadhu Jee

Rudra – still easy going

Rudra – no difference in 25 years except the grey hair

too much talking

Threating us if we do not vote for him

Thniking null and planning fall

Thinking past and planning future

TC Group Meet 2007 068

TC Group Meet 2007 052

TC Group Meet 2007 051

TC Group Meet 2007 050

Sushil Pandey, the IT sector Guru – currently at ECIMOD – talking

Why regret

who is on diet

What are they talking about

0 thoughts on “Reunion of Tri-chandra College – 2037 I.SC. Physical Group

  1. This has been almost 7 years that we had a reunion party at Dwarikas’. now again should think of organizing one.
    So, Rudra, you are the focal point of the group ! Lets plan for a better one during ur next trip to Nepal.

    Hope, we will have more friends participating on our next one !

    Cheers !

  2. Rudrajee, thanks a million for posting the reunion pics. I was browsing through the web and came across your post. It was great to see familiar faces, some 25 years later!!

    Looking back, I can’t think of a damn reason why I was in the physical group in TC!! My parents had set me free to pursue any of my interests and I didn’t care a hoot about engineering. The best (and the only) outcome of my ISc years was knowing you guys.

    To update, I am currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii. Recently completed my phd and am looking around for opportunities to change the world!

    Rudrajee or whoever is maintaining the email list, please add my email: alok_rajouria@hotmail.com

  3. My god ! It is amazing to see you know so many of my friends. I could hardly recognize Dependra. Looks like a Jap now. And Siddi, still the same, but looks lot older.What happened to his american accent? Hope i don’t. Banse looks like he has not lost his old clout. Dinesh Pant looks still the same as well as Pramod. Raj has not lost his look too and his manner i guess. Looks like you had quite a reunion. The pics are great. Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. yo Yestai Ho bhanne kun chara ko naam ho? Je gare pani nahune – sadhain negative. Yo katai Geeta ko arko roop ta hoina?

  5. Rudra & friends, I am pleased for you guys for being in one place whole heartedly and enjoying together. To pray this event in a bit style i have borrowed some verse of Kyra…

    We need each other…
    In times of private pain,
    of fear and stress;
    We need each other…
    to share our joys,
    our times of happiness;
    We need each other…
    to hold on and be strong, and
    encourage when things are going wrong;
    We need each other…
    to keep the faith and love,
    and remind each other of all
    the things we’re dreaming of;
    We need each other… now and

  6. Bunch of old guys trying to act young – too late guys – be real. This Banskota dancer – did I see him at a dance bar? He is pretty good. Rudra – again speech – please do sth else!

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