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Remembering Dreams

We dream when we fall asleep. Everyone dreams but hardly can anyone recollect the dream, few know that they had dreamt but can’t remember at all. It needs lot of practice and concentration to remember. To be conscious while dreaming, to be aware that ‘I’m dreaming right now’ is like an axiom – ‘easy said that done’. Some practice to remember dreams, while some have the gift by birth.

Based on the research, all of our dreams are colorless. We barely find 1 out of 100 who have colorful dream. We often see people whom we’ve never met before, places where we’ve never been in our life, sometimes we find our self trapped, sometimes we are free and so on. There are internal and external stimuli that affect our dreams. Internal stimuli relate the condition of our mind, body posture and our relationships. We see the people, we are acquainted with. A disturbed mind, with broken relationships, hate and torture often dream the same. But the moment they wake, they find themselves calm and quite. It is said that, dream fulfills our desires and is true indeed. On the contrary a happy mind can even experience trouble and pain at sleep. Place your both hands on your chest while sleeping; the time you wake you’ve had a nightmare. Try it once.

External stimuli are the factors other than our mind and body, our surroundings, bed room condition, and other factors that produce sound. I’ve had a dream 2 months back which relates to external stimuli. I heard a soothing music playing; I wanted to listen to it all, but the music plays and stops every time when I want to listen more. I woke up and when I checked my mobile someone had called me; there were 4 missed calls. There were two of us in that room. When I shared my experience with him I was shocked, he told me that he even had the same kind of dream.

Internal stimuli impose more than external stimuli. If we are not allowed to dream at asleep the next day we’ll only feel weary and lazy. No matter how long we sleep but if we are not allowed to dream or if we can’t dream, the whole day is going out to be just a lousy day.

Keep dreaming, and try to remember it the next day you open your eyes.

10 thoughts on “Remembering Dreams

  1. Understanding dreams…

    It’s a fact that what secrets or desires we have buried deep in our hearts,
    our sub-consicous mind reveals them in our dreams… 😉

  2. Well i’ve had colourful dreams… Rarely do i see a non-colorful dreams… It’s almost always that i see places i know and people i met in my dreams.. So i guess i am one of those 1 in 100… However have faced some deja-vu situations… Dreams do come true but who cares whether it is great or just another dream…

  3. I totally agree with Awsiv. What we are living and thinking real can be a small dream. When we die and wake up in another world, we might be saying ‘oh! what a nice dream i had?’ and if you can really remember this dream, then you can narrate the whole story.

    Then again you die and again you wake up in some another world. This pattern follows and when you don’t wake up in another world, may be that is the final end. Then you gain moksya. You are in a state of Nirvana.

    The only question is how to break this pattern of birth and death.

  4. I totally agree with it ravi. I also have same kind of experience.
    We dream of the things that we want to do or mostly think of and cant do at that time. We also hear the things that r going on in the real life in our dreams. And certainly the day u have a dream you are much fresher than the other days.
    Good point caught here ravi.

  5. remembering dreams is a tough job. but what if we were living in a dream? 🙂

    “All that we see or seem
    Is but a dream within a dream.”
    – A Dream Within a Dream
    by Edgar Allan Poe

  6. Wow!!… its actually really fact and natural…

    The line “Place your both hands on your chest while sleeping; the time you wake you’ve had a nightmare.”
    – I heard this line in my childhood and I never placed my hands on my chest till yet… haha..lol 😀
    isnt it funny ..?

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