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Real Time Google Search Engine and a Money Making Opportunity for Twitter and Facebook Users

Google is coming with real time search engine to counter rival Bing’s initiative to influence search result outcome based on people’s real-time comments in Facebook and Twitter. Google wants to do the same thing – of course the Google way. Google will allow even general public to feed info to its pipeline. But there are more reasons for Google to be nervous. Alexa.com puts Google at the top with 42% of world’s internet traffic hitting its search portal. Facebook remains close second with about 30% of internet traffic hitting its social networking site on daily basis. I won’t be surprised if Facebook one day jumps to the top. Twitter currently remains at the 14th position with 4% of traffic twitting from its site. These social networking sites with real info from real people being fed to them remain a potential threat to giants like Google and Microsoft. They can block search engine vectors from their sites unless they get hefty fee. Once these social networking sites start making money from the info people like you and I enter, we can go to them and ask “hey, how about us?” There could very well be an opportunity for all of us to make some money from the info we feed to Twitter and Facebook.  Bottom line here is that these sites may one day rank us based on the internet traffic we generate, and start paying us for twitting and facebooking. For example, if a Twitter or Facebook users snaps a pickpocket from the street of Manhattan and sends photo to his/her network, the photo may hit the search engine and generate traffic.  To generate internet traffic is to make money these days. The person can definitely make some money for posting the popular picture and igniting the internet traffic.

Wait, Facebook and Twiiter fans, the day will come when you will be paid for feeding the real info from your town and neighborhood to your relatives and friends. Facebook and Twitter users could be ranked by the amount of revenue they collect every month. Stay tuned and keep twitting and facebooking.

Google’s share of revenue gets smaller and we start making money!

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  1. Facebook is making millions money from the traffic we generate and we get THINGA. Let us get our share. Otherise, let us delete our content. Social uprising guys.

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