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Hiking from Ranipokhari to Kalimati via Bhimdhunga

Figure1: Nice to walk in city without vehicle

Figure2: Looks more happy walking through village

Figure3: Thaan Ganesh at Naradevi

Figure4: Two Buddhas

Figure5: Hikers in Swayambhu

Figure6: Tibetan Arts

Figure7: Colorful Prayer Flag

Figure8: Giant Wishing Wheel (Ohm Maane paadme Ohm)

Figure9: View of the Balaju from the Halchowk

Figure10: Traditional Shivalaya in Halchowk

Figure11: Halchowk Monastery

Figure12: Blue Sky…

Figure13: Landslide in Ichungu

Figure14: Ichungu contd…

Figure15: Ichungu again…

Figure16: Bimal is happy with BIG ROCK

Figure17: Vishnu on Dead Elephant

Figure18: Lucky Goats

Figure19: Flower Cultivation

Figure20: Only one beautiful house in Bhimdhunga

Figure21: One view of Ramkot

Figure22: Walking through pine plantation

Figure23: Kirtipur view from Bhimdhunga

Figure24: Ramkot Village Looks Like a Park

Figure25: Other side of the Ramkot

Figure26: Pears in the Sky

Figure27: Ramkot Again…

Figure28: Some time you have to Lapse while hiking

Figure29: Keshav BABA done it

Figure30: Inside the Pine Plantation at Bhimdhunga

Figure31: Community Pine Forest

Figure32: Village at Bhimdhunga

Figure33: The Sky and Earth

Figure34: Raniban Hill from Bhimdhunga

Figure35: We wonder why this forest left in the middle of farming

Figure36: Hikers take a rest

Figure37: Radis and Cauliflower

Figure38: Kakro has become popular for hikers

Figure39: A Trail

Figure40: BABA picking Lapsi

Figure41: Farming inside the Bhimdhunga forest

Figure42: Fertile Land

Figure43: Through Paddy Field

Figure44: There is water also

Figure39: Walking back in Tahachal

Figure40: Typical Nepalese Vojanalaya

Figure41: Busy at Restaurent

Figure42: Daulat and Vishnu -The Guide

Figure43: All look HAPPY After Lunch

Figure44: Looking at agitation in Kalimati

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