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Rani Pokhari at Night

298.Rani Pokhari at Night
Photo By: Sangesh Shrestha

Posted Date: 17th November

Nestled at the heart of Kathmandu City lies it’s largest ornamental pond – Rani Pokhari, (“Queen’s Pond” ) that Pratapa Malla made in 1670 to help his wife to overcome the loss of a beloved son. The temple, dedicated to Shiva, was rebuilt in 1934 following a violent seism.

It is one of the most well known sites of the city and has survived to see the valley transform over the centuries. This photograph shows the pond during the night time when it is lit up in all it’s glory. This was taken during the Chaat Festival.

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  3. Hi Aseem, here it go

    Rani Pokhari , also known as Lani Pukhu (meaning -Queen’s Pond) , located in Kathmandu is a rectangular pond with the mosque shaped Hindu temple of Lord Shiva in the middle.It was built by King Pratap Malla in memory of his beloved Queen.It is said that The King built this artificial pond to console the Queen after their son died.It is opened to visitors only once a year on the day of Bhaitika ( Brother’s day ) during the festival of Tihar( Diwali ). As rani pokhari is a pond of consolation, people who have lost their brothers and sisters visit this temple to pay their tribute to their lost ones and those who have no siblings too visit this temple on this particular day in order to receive blessings from the priest.

    Shamelessly stolen from “http://n95pic.blogspot.com/2008/10/rani-pokhari-queens-pond.html”

  4. hi aseem,
    Rani Pokhari is the beautiful pond at the heart of Kathmandu. It is made by the Kink Pratapa Malla in 1670 for his wife to the memory of their beloved son who died untimely.

    But, I do not know the old name of the pond.


  5. Sangesh Bro,

    Yes man yes I know this lad suhtterbug very well but not personally. I know him as one of the finest fotografer.

    Man encourage our rukesh to b a part of EU yaar.

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