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Random Shots of chhath 2010

The word chhath denotes the number 6 in Hindi & Nepali and the festival is celebrated on the sixth day of the Hindu lunar month of Kartik.

The word Chhath is also a compound of two words: “Chah” meaning “six stages”, and “Hath” refers to the science of Hath Yog (austerity). The word Chhath refers to the process of consciously obtaining the solar energy through six stages involving the methods of Hath Yog. “Hath” here refers to the austerities such as fasting and standing in water. (source -Wiki)

Title Random Shots of chhath 2010
Date 12th November, 2010
Location Rani Pokhari
Photographers Asim Shrestha and Suresh Maharjan
Captions Team

Celebration of chhath

0 thoughts on “Random Shots of chhath 2010

  1. @banjade … thanks for the appreciation. BTW @ASIM Shrestha have equally contributed for the post.

    Thanks Guys for all the good words for the pictures.

    And i,m happy with the result that i’ve managed in some weird situation. @Pawan and @Asim knows the situation. 😀

  2. WOW good night photography I think it will be better if you can put the number to the images so that we can point out the picture

    my fav #12, 16 and 21

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