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Raghu Nath Pathak’s US Visit

I was very delighted when Pramod dai informed me that my US visit has been scheduled for Aug of 2018. From that day on I was very excited about my visit. On July 31, I along with my colleague (Narayan Chalise) went to Boston via TIA. We had two transits, one at Abu Dhabi and another was at New York. On the same flight our US collegue Mukta didi and her family were returning to the US so we didn’t face any problems in any of our transits.

When we landed at Boston Logan Int’l Airport we took a taxi to Lexington office. We met our US team members and after an hour or so we moved to the Extended Stay America where we stayed throughout our trip. On the same day, my school friend Mahesh came to our hotel and brought some food. We got refreshed and he took us to dinner and had our dinner together. We returned back to our hotel. Since we slept on time so we didn’t face Jet lag on the next day.

Next day Abanish dai came to the hotel to pick us and we went to the Lexington Office and happily met our US team members. The working environment in the US office is quite different. I have learnt many new things throughout my stay there. After office hours we usually went to play football for an hour or so and returned back to the hotel.

First Weekend: It was a sunny day and deerwalk US colleagues planned to go to the beach and we also joined the team to go there. Ashay dai came to the hotel to pick us and we headed towards Rhode Island where we spent the whole day. It was a very nice moment there to enjoy with deerwalk friends.

Second Weekend: I was waiting for the weekend to begin and set out to explore New York next weekend. I travelled by Mega Bus from Alewife Bus Station on Friday. My cousin picked me in Manhattan and he took me to his apartment. The next day, we went to visit the most popular places in New York: the World Trade Center Memorial, Sep 11 Museum, Statue of Liberty, The Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square & Central Park.

On the third weekend, my friend Mahesh took us to Springfield where I met Chabbi Sir & Deepa Mam. That meeting recalled all our old school memories. On the same weekend, we did our shopping in the different shopping centre.

On the Fourth weekend, we went to Washington DC where all our visit and stay was hosted by Narayan’s Brother in Law, Ram Chandra Acharya. We visited different museums along with President House (The White House) there. It was a really nice time in DC.

The fifth weekend, our sweet home was calling us and we departed from Boston. It was a very nice trip to US where I have gain lots of knowledge about culture, lifestyle & development. Thank you Mahesh Subedi for your tremendous support to make our one month stay very easy. I can’t stay without thanking Muna auntie, Smriti Di, Namita Di, Mukta Di, Rebika Di, Suresh Dai & Pinky Di who have invited us for a dinner. At last but not least, I am very grateful to Deerwalk Services who has provided this great opportunity to visit the US for the first time. I hope such kind of opportunity will come in the days to come.

[Raghu Nath Pathak, Associate Data QA Manager at Deerwalk Services Pvt Ltd. Nepal, visited Deerwalk Inc, USA, from July 31 to August 31, 2018]

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