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Pushkar Shah is a loser and liar

wave.jpgThe cyclist Pushkar Shah is a loser and liar. He was invited to Rudra Pandey’s home in Arlington, Massachusetts, USA and was donated about US$ 1,000 for his famous mission but which turned out to be false and fabricated one to our great disappointment. He lied to us that he was a true cyclist. Actually, he cheated. He was saying that he would not go back to Nepal before completing the world tour. He mentioned that he had several girlfriends on the way,and even showed us the photo of one from China. In contrary to his claim that he would never go back to Nepal before completing the mission, he has been visiting Nepal frequently to win popular contest and boast about his so called success. In fact , he is not cycling , but has just been flying . He cycles only in Nepal and in capital and city areas . In other parts of the world, he just flies. Please do not believe him. He lies. He cheated us in the U.S..We feel so bad for donating him. Please do not believe him. Please inquire and investigate him when you see him. He is a hypocrite.

24 thoughts on “Pushkar Shah is a loser and liar

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  2. I am an American and I met Pushkar while traveling in Laos. He was only 2 years into his journey and a young man of 28. He had been hit by a motor bike and his leg was quite injured. That did not stop him from continuing. Being a nurse, I suggested he stay in the village where we were until his leg got better. I had the opportunity to get to know him during that time.. He was full of enthusiasm even though he had already experienced horrific treatment, the kind that most people would never be able to overcome. Throughout his 11 year journey, he almost lost his life many times and had been robbed of everything he had, including his bike!
    His father had been killed in the revolution and he had been shot. His journey was to make a statement about all of us living in peace without war. He spoke highly of his country and was proud to be Nepalese.
    After reading through the previous comments, I’m appalled at the mean spirited and, I believe, jealous nature a lot of you are spewing about him. You should be proud of the fact that he brought to the world knowledge of his country, a country that most people wouldn’t even be able to locate on a map if you asked them to.
    Sometimes it was necessary for him to travel by different methods because of his own safety and terrain. In the scheme of his purpose, do you really think that matters. Apparently, you have never traveled extensively with a bike or backpack.
    You who had nothing but unkind words towards Pushkar, you have caused me to see what some Nepalese people are truly like. Too bad! Very disappointed.

  3. Didnt even think of all these stuffs till today.
    … things are starting to smell for me too.
    ” What difference will a single rotten potato make when the entire bag is already rotten…”
    Guys let them rot in peace…!!!

  4. what a load or baloney ASK is ? Why do generalize Nepalese as being incompetent and incapable. What do you mean by Nepali are jack of all thoughts and master of none? What a bigoted individual you are. All you do is criticize others. First puskar and then all Nepalese. Let me tell you you are nothing but full of Sh*t and balooney. 😈

  5. I only suggest you all to “do” rather than thinking whole life. As we nepali are jack of all thoughts and master of non.

  6. ASK, we must fight for new nepal, new logic and new way of thinking.King did not want to hear anything in opposition, republic mentality does.

  7. I ask all the critisizers to have a cycling across the world with nepali flag rather fighting in this uncensored website.

  8. I invited Puskkar from New Jeland to participate in the ANA Convention in Philadelphia. He stayed in our house for 2 days and I could offer him a little. I wish I could do more for him.

    He truely is a common Nepali and achieved on the way by asking you for a daily expences (a bottle of water a day). Be proud if you have spean even a tuny bit in your life for good- you’ll not repent when time comes and when he comes world famous. He might have lied a few things to make the story interesting but I would not believe he would betray you??

    Be proud of youself if you’re honest and true and don’t give me a crap if you have not done some weird and un-just things in your life time?? Wake up man. don’t be a loser on his way! I trust thes people in Nepal need to encouraged and sponcered. Let me see one of you…coming out of your house without a penny in your pocket – how many will trust your freaking…lies and betrayal???

    Stay chill and be thankful that you don’t have any dreams to accomplish? Even if you are, I hope you’re NOT taking any advantage from other poor people to use them as your springboard to become rich, famous or successful?

  9. He is there only to earn money and is hiding his actual identity.He is not a true citizen but a fake.
    Deshko nam ma kalank ho.Ajhai TV ko program ma runche mukh lagayera kekenai kaam garejasto garchha.
    Hey all dont believe him and dont give him even a single penny.

  10. Here gets Pushkar Shah more sponsorship for his trip. We can’t raise question upon his honesty on the ground that he is returning Nepal frequently. He is soon to begin his cycling in nearly fifty countries. Wish him a good luck. Afterall, he has been carrying the national flag, at least in those countries.

  11. Devin Kai-

    i just want to know who on planet earth gave you the right to insult a whole race of people like that?
    who are you to make a generlized statement about all nepalease people?
    this devin comment should be removed fom this page.

  12. Hello guys! Enough! You all are moving to extreme. Both side have some points.

    Against the Cyclist:

    1. People have right to raise voice when someone mislead anc cheat. Pushkar went around and lied to people saying that he would fly only when he has to cross ocean. Actually, he flied even to cross land boarders.

    2. To raise voice agianst immoral and misleading people is not “nepali” only style. It is done around the world. Why Nepalese as a nation are being labeled as those who can’t see fellow Nepali’s progress. Such sport person would be outcasted in western country.

    In Support of Pushkar:

    1. He should be left alone. He should be ignored. He has right to fly. Let him fly. We should not threaten in words or action. Threatening is bad.

    Let us be proud that we are Nepali. Devin Kai seems to be a loser too as he has been against Nepal and he borrosed last name from somebody else. Instead of pointing fingers to others, what has he done for Nepal other than being Pushkar’s CHAMCHA. Can he open his identity. I am sure he is one of those who can neither be a Nepali nor a westerner. He is in identity crisis. Westerner would never accpet him and he is not proud to be a Nepali. Let losers like Devin alone too.

  13. “Can you tell same thing in front of Nepalese mass? They will crush you. Do not challange us.”

    I quote your sentence again which sounds very civilized. And I afraid of you too coz we Nepalese have already crushed 12 thousand Nepalese during so called Peoples war. And how fortune we are to see all those killers in our parliament. Lets not waste our time discussing about A energetic Pushkar, if our whole house is burning. I don’t have negative feeling about Nepalese coz I’m also Nepali but I suffered alot in our so called Peoples war. I hate critism if the critisizer can not lead and set a good example for instance world cycle tour. Don’t just say negative point about others but if you can do better then do it and show the people the example of ” better way”
    Don’t even think about to crush me, coz I m around you but you don’t know me.

  14. Hey Devin? Who the hell you are? Why are so much against Neplai? To support Pushkar Shah, the crook and liar? Can you tell same thing in front of Nepalese mass? They will crush you. Do not challange us.


  15. This page seems like a typical nepalese page coz Nepalese don’t do anything but only critisize when someone do something. I trust Pushkar Shah than all other nepalese who are working in other countries in kitchen and in farm and once they comes back to nepal they exgegarate their work and talks much about foreign countries as if they are the president of that particular country.
    May be you don’t like Pushkar coz may be you offered him one good oppertunity to make more money for mutual benefit and he refused it coz he knew by your face that how crook you are, after all you are nepali so it is not difficult to find how bad these people are.

  16. Saw comments about Pushkar from several people. Why did it take so long for you guys to know the fact about his world tour? As he said in his 2004 interview that ” Traveling the world is all about traveling, does not matter if you cycle, fly or drive”. Sunny

  17. Correction:
    I am condoning

    should be

    I am *NOT* condoning

    I do not like the “supposed cyclist” either.

  18. Isn’t inciting violence ( examples: “please stone him” and “please beat him”) against somebody a punishable crime?
    I am condoning what the “supposed cyclist” has done – but expected better from the writer.


  19. I believe you Rudra

    and I have heard the same before…he is making all people fool like the politicain of Nepal and the world.


  20. Oh Really ! Even I donated some $$ when I saw him at Soldier Field Park.

    How do you know he has been flying?

  21. I had great admiration for him like many other Nepalese, but, now, after I get confirmed on his evilness surrounding him, I hate him the most. Till now, ”God Bless me and I thank God for not making me a hypocrite”, and, I never needed to cheat to gain advantage from others and I pray that such souls do not exist in this universe.

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