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Prolonged “Summit Talks”!!!

With the prolonged “Summit Talks”, dark clouds of pessimism have prevailed the Nepali politics. The sooner conclusion of the “Summit Talks” with a consensus to end the decade long conflict is today’s much awaited issue. However, it has now been a cock and bull story. The people have been desperately waiting for the conclusion. And nobody can escape from the trust that it is high on the agenda of every individual. Of course, the ‘ceasefire’ called by the Maoists and the Govt. seems to have successfully abolished the violence, murders and many more other terrifying acts. However, people now have begun to feel insecure owing to the deadlocks in the talks between the Govt. and the Maoists.

The deadlock has been created by the issues of arms management, status of Monarchy and democratization and the restructuring of the Nepali army. It seems like both the parties are prolonging the talks to hold on to power. The top leaders of the major political parties are not letting the cat out of the bag. Day after another, the entire Nepali citizen are being “hoaxed” because of the inconclusive end of summit talks. With different pretensions of concentration and consciousness, the top leaders are prolonging the summit talks. If this continues, undoubtedly, the current political scenario may turn as the bane for the entire country.

Our country Nepal cannot enjoy the sheer and true democracy unless each citizen finds his significant place in the state. Time has come not to let the summit talks to be a ball and a chain. It’s high time all the people woke again from the slumber not to let the success of the movement and the dream of the martyrs wane day by day. Once again, all the Nepalese people should raise their voice, flapping their hands. Hope it might boost the SUMMIT TALKS…

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