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Professional Communication Club Report 2017

Professional Communication Club (PCC) was first introduced in 2012 with a sole aim to enhance the communication skills of the employees here at Deerwalk. PCC organizes various training sessions on communication and also conducts public speaking sessions called Deertalk. It also includes presentations from guest speakers.

Professional Communication Club 2017 comprises of the following members:

Pratik Joshi
Pratik Joshi
Bibek Lal Shrestha Shweta Manandhar
Bibek Lal Shrestha
Immediate Past President
Shweta Manandhar
Vice President
Executive Members:
Amrita Rai Saraswoti Pant
Amrita Rai Saraswoti Pant
Bhawana Dahal
Bhawana Dahal

Professional Communication Club (PCC)
Professional Communication Club 2017


Deertalk is a public speaking session program which includes three episodes: 1) Free Speech, 2) Debate and 3) Powerpoint Presentation. It also includes an introduction session which is held at the beginning of each season, where all the participants are given an introduction about what Deertalk is and its main purpose. Participants will learn about the rules of Deertalk and they’re also given tips on public speaking. We recommend all the participants to attend this session as this is an important and helpful tool to guide them to the episodes throughout the season and also answer any questions they may have.

Introduction session is followed by Free Speech session where participants are given 2 minutes to speak on a topic of their choice. Third session is a Debate episode where participants will be provided a topic to put forth their views and debate on that particular topic. The allotted time for debate session is also 2 minutes. Finally, the fourth session is a Presentation episode where participants present their slides on a topic of their own choice and speak for 4 minutes.

Deertalk 2017 Winners

Season Winner (Over All) Runner Up (Over All)
Best of the Best Winner Shiwa Bastola Lalmani Regmi
Season 1 Shweta Manandhar Shandipta Rai
Season 2 Lalmani Regmi Julina Maharjan
Season 3 Dhriti Shakya Dirghayu Mainali
Season 4 Ranjan Khadka Monika Sharma
Season 5 Rohita Shakya Bimal Pant
Season 6 Shrijana Maharjan Sudan Sharma
Season 7 Shiwa Bastola Sitamsh Rijal
Season 8 Satendra Shakya Akesh Vaidya


Deertalk 2017 – Best of the Best – Winner – Shiwa Bastola Deertalk 2017 – Best of the Best – Runner up – Lalmani Regmi

Guest Speaker – Manish Malla
PCC conducted a talk program on November 15, 2017 where we had Mr. Manish Malla, as a guest speaker. He works as a Freelance Consultant on Social Development and provides training to national/ international organizations (government and non-government) to help develop their organizational skills. This was an interactive workshop on the title: “Interaction on Leadership” where there were 20 participants who are taking managerial role from different departments attended.  
The session was broken down into 4 sections:

  1. What is Leadership
  2. Ethics
  3. Communication
  4. Interactive discussion- Who do you think is a great leader that has inspired you the most?

Guest Speaker – Manish Malla

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