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Professional Communication Club (PCC) Report 2014

Professional Communication Club (PCC) continued its endeavors to improve the general usage of spoken English through Deertalk sessions in 2014. In total 5 batches were completed with each batch put through 4 sessions: Topic based Speech, Debate, Extempore and Presentation.

PCC has always been a hub when it comes to activities that pertain to improving English. With the successful completion of Deertalk sessions and around 55 participants in all, PCC can once again look back at the year with fond memories.

The finale, Deertalk Best of the Best 2014, was held on Jan 2, 2015. Bibek Lal Shrestha won the event and Abhinayak Swar was declared the runner-up.

Deertalk 2014 winners per season are as follows:

Deertalk Seasons Winners Runner Ups
Deertalk 2014 Season 1 Minesh Maharjan Shrijana Tandukar
Deertalk 2014 Season 2 Bibek Lal Shrestha Pratik Kayastha
Deertalk 2014 Season 3 Abhinayak Swar Aman Adhikari
Deertalk 2014 Season 4 Sabanam Lakhey Neelam Shrestha
Deertalk 2014 Season 5 Sunita Singh & Swoyambhu Shrestha
Deertalk Best of the Best Bibek Lal Shrestha Abhinayak Swar

Professional Communication Club (PCC) comprised of the following members in the year 2014:

Rinesh Bajracharya Rinesh Bajracharya
Manish Man Singh Manish Man Singh
Executive Member
Prabhat Man Sainju Prabhat Man Sainju
Executive Member
Shrijana Tandukar Shrijana Tandukar Executive Member (Jan-Dec)
Nikita Shrestha Nikita Shrestha
Executive Member
Agma Malakar Agma Malakar
Executive Member
Ekta Shrestha Ekta Shrestha
Immediate Past President

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