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Process of Petrol Market


NOC many time announced there will be proper supply of fuel after increasing price. But still we have to stay on queue and pump still tells no petrol. Who is to blame for scarcity and quality of fuels?

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  1. Using our CIT funds for such iteam is total loss. Its like feeding a tiger which may attack when ever…

  2. thanks Heretic, for raising this issue with Nischal’s perfect protray of current situation. Nepal Oil Corporation is a big thug. We must eliminate such mentality from mindsets of Nepali People.

  3. What is worse is that the government is using our CIT funds to pay off NOC debts. Be warned, people!! You may not have anything waiting for you when the time comes….

  4. NOC gives bonus and free fuels to their employee though they are in loss. And during bringing fuel they mix cheap substitute. NOC will always be in loss no matter they go on increasing the priceโ€ฆ

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