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EverestUncensored is a community blog that provides a platform for an exchange of diverse views and opinions. We are a community of people from all walks of life; representing a variety of views. We believe in expressing our ideas, no matter how unconventional.

Anyone is free to search, read and comment in any published post at EverestUncensored. However, you need to be registered with valid email address to post any article.

1) Information Collection and Your Choices

1.1 During the registration process, EverestUncensored needs the following:

· your valid email address

· your username

1.2 You can choose to select your display name (nick name) for public display. If you do not specify this, your username will be used for public display.
1.3 You can choose to update or remove other information in your profile page.
1.4 You can choose to update or remove your published post.
1.5 You can also choose to remove comments published in your post.

2) Information Sharing and Disclosure

2.1 No personally identifiable information (e.g. IP addresses) is stored in EverestUncensored. WordPress engine has been modified to exclude display and storage of such information even for EU administrators. 2.2 Your email address will not be disclosed to anyone except EverestUncensored editorial team. Your information will not be shared with any third parties.
2.3 Your email address may be used by EverestUncensored editorial team for disseminating occasional announcements and notices to you.
2.4 Queries to EverestUncensored regarding personal identification of post authors and comment authors will not be entertained.

3) Comment Policy

3.1 Anyone can post comments to any published post in EverestUncensored.
3.2 Comment author can choose to share his/her information like email address and website. This is optional.
3.3 Comment once posted cannot be updated or deleted by the comment author. However, EverestUncensored editorial team reserves the right to remove comments in the following cases:

· EU finds that the comment violates the ‘EU Code of Conduct’ and/or

· EU receives request from bloggers (via the ‘Report Comment’ feature) and EU decides that the request is genuine.

3.4 EverestUncensored editorial team holds the right to disable commenting on any post in special cases.

4) Content Policy

4.1 The views and opinion expressed in various posts and comments in this blog are exclusively those of its author, and are not in any way meant to reflect the opinions of Everest Uncensored.
4.2) All the right of the contents including articles and photographs except those under 4.3 & 3.4 are reserved by respective author of the content unless otherwise license is explicitly mentioned by the author.
4.3) All the contents published by Administrator are licensed under Creative Common BY-NC-SA .
4.4) All the contents published under Life in Nepal are subjected to the license mentioned in the Life in Nepal Guideline.

This page describes current EU Privacy Policy. This information may change as EverestUncensored revises its features.