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Preparing food for Elephants


242. Preparing food for Elephants
Photo By: Bertrand Linet
Posted date: 25th July 2008

Royal Chitwan National Park preserve some of the best wildlife habitat in the Subcontinent. Some of these rich wildlife habitats are protected, and can be toured on elephant back. The Elephant caretaker also known as ‘Mahut’ in nepali is preparing food to feed the elephants before the safari ride.
Successful elephant breeding has been conducted at the elephant breeding centre at Sauraha.

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-LIN Editor

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  1. This is a very good picture with lovely mood created by soft morning fog. Picture got interesting story of Life of ‘Mahout’ (Elephant Care Taker). Photographic approach is almost journalistic that’s why I instantly love it. I wish I could view larger version of this picture. It requires great perseverance to make picture like this and Bertrand Linet is a brilliant travel photographer. Perfect Pictures! My thumb up!!

    Mahout makes balls of grass or hay by putting rice, grains inside and at one swift one elephant munches 15 to 20 balls. If it’s a baby elephant, they’ll put soaked peas and other soft grains. Bond between Mahout and the Elephant is very intimate.

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