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Prayers of Bhaktapur

341. Prayers of Bhaktapur
Photo By: Claude Renault
Date: 23rd March,09

Local elder people performing religious song at Bhaktapur. They usually gather this way during various times of year according to their custom and tradition. These practices help to make our cultures alive.

91 thoughts on “Prayers of Bhaktapur

  1. Lovely shot! Claude Renault. It takes some ‘talent’ to observe these ordinary scenes in an extraordinary way. One has to visulize picture inside his/her brain before s/he release the shutter.

    Symmetrical composition and intended colour tone made this picture harmonious and well balanced that leads viewer’s attention into the picture.

    And yes curious to see ‘our cultures’ in the description. Is it by the photographer himself or LIN Editor? If it’s Claude Renault, my sincer thank you for have this feeling of belonging of Nepal’s culture.

  2. Gr8 portrait. Awesome!!! btw, is it the Sepia effect? I thought it is by large from the reflection of yellow street light.

  3. Wonderful!! The “Sepia” look is giving the vintage look.
    Thumbs Up to you Claude Renault.

    By the way, if anyone can put light on (because the name of Photographer here imply that he has not much in depth understanding of this ritual (is it??), and me too have not that much of idea). Would like to know the underlying details. It will help induce facts about Life in Nepal.

    1. What is this place called (its not verandah, i guess)?
    2. What instruments they use normally?
    3. What they sing for?
    4. What the old man is looking at, in the right side of the picture? Is this the script of the song???

  4. great topic !

    About the photograph:

    Bilatelarally symmetrical photo with the door in the middle and the lions and pillars give the shot a great sense of balance.

    Post production is great for there are no unnecessary foregrounds and backgrounds. The two pillars at the side and “dalins” are good enclosure (framing) for the picture.

    Best of all the “sepia” look gave the age old feeling of Bhaktapur and the tradition itself. Nice post production !!

    Keep up !!

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