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Prayash Khatri’s US Visit

I could not believe my eyes, if I was meant to travel to the United States, as I had never done anything longer than a six-hour drive. On August 30th , along with my colleague Monika I left Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu for Hamad International Airport, Qatar. We spent our transit time roaming around Qatar Duty Free and resting. After a 13- hour flight we reached New York from where we had our connecting flight to Boston. At Boston, Abanish dai and Saroj dai picked us up. I stayed with Ashay dai for a couple of days, for which I am really grateful towards his family. Later, Nitish dai, Krishna dai and I moved into the famous B1 PALACE.

The first week at Deerwalk Lexington Office were the best days of my entire time there as it was late summer in Boston. Green was the color, sunny were the days and peaceful working environment. But the inside of workstation seemed very busy with clients calls, meetings and regular work. I enjoyed working in that environment and loved lunch time when we shared food; every trade was a good taste and the time spent meant to share happiness. Fridays were bagel days meaning breakfast at office. I will never my first and world’s best bagel that Suresh dai offered.

And here comes the weekends, things that don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless. So, I went to New York and Washington DC on my first weekends and I should really thanks Prakash dai, Neeraj dai and Nitish dai for including me on trip at very first days. We went NYC landmarks like Central Park, WTC, Statue of Liberty , Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and many more . At late evening, we spent time on live music nearby Time’s Square. There was something in the New York Air that fills you up with so much energy that you forget you need sleep.

Being there for 6 month, I had seen a lot of see-offs and goodbyes. I got chance to meet influential people and got to know each other in person. Though I missed my near and dear ones during Dashain and Tihar, Muna bhauju and Rudra dai made sure I felt at home by planning for celebration at their place. It was fun and would like to thank them for their warm hospitality. Office party at Christmas, turkey during Thanksgiving at Sagar dai’s place are some good memories that I will forever cherish. I will not forget the Black Friday night ride with Sagar dai and Abanish dai’s family and how we managed to buy PlayStation. Black Friday really is the day when American people trample each other for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.

My Next trip was to Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is the most honest fake city in the world as one could not believe how desert could have been such hot and happening at the same time. We visited several renowned hotels like the MGM Grand, the Bellagio, the Mirage, Ceasar’s Place, Circus Circus and the infamous Mandalay Bay among others, the Stratosphere tower, Fermont Street, Fabulous Vegas, Paris and New York of Vegas. Thanks to all the wonderful people I got to enjoy the weekend to its best, Prospect Hill hike with Sagar dai, Ice skating with Bipul dai, the royal riders road trip to Vegas, Los Angles, San Francisco with Manish dai and Saroj dai, dining at Liberty Hotel with Dave Hanson, B1 times with Nitish dai, Krishna dai, Pratik, Kanchan, Neeraj dai, Niraj dai, Sushant dai, Anil dai, Sangita di, Dicchya, Monika and all the wonderful people.

As for my last month, Sangita di, Pratik and I had been to Chicago for Client’s visit. The journey became more fruitful when we could meet the people by persons with we been working virtually throughout these years. Working on real time environment, setting up the meetings and calls, discussing and address out the issues with clients and working besides the desk helps me understand the values of clients requirement and expectation alongside the roles of communication. I’m so impressed with people from Chicago, the busy office hours, crowd trains and everyone heading to their workplace. As it quote ”Hollywood is hype , New York is talk, Chicago is work”. Apart from that, I show by great gratitude for Bill and Barbara for being great host during our stay. I couldn’t forget Chicago architecture, Chicago Music, stays at Bill’s House , Chief items that Bill’s made, lunch tried at Greek Town ,Pizzas at Lau Malnati’s and shivering cold Chicago weather of February.

The journey became more fruitful when we could meet the people by persons with we been working virtually throughout these years.

On March 1st 2018, I returned back to Kathmandu with so much self-confidence, experiences and learnings. I am very grateful to Rudra dai and Milan dai for providing me with this opportunity.
And tons of love and respect for all the necessary helps by Sagar dai, Manish dai, Saroj dai, Suresh dai , Sushant dai, Abanish dai, Namita di, Rebika di, Smriti di, Bipul dai, Sanjeev dai and the entire Deerwalk Family in Boston. It was good to meet you all and hope we’ll meet again.

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