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Pratik Kafle’s US Visit

Traveling to a different place always gives a new perspective that’s different from just hearing or reading about it. I was glad to know about my official visit to The States from my manager, Milan dai, allowing me to fully immerse and appreciate the place, the working environment, the people, the culture, and everything in between. Taking the time to come out of my shell and interact, I was able to completely enjoy and experience the local culture. On September 30, 2017, I learned that you can never realize how big the world is until you travel across it. You see its size on the map, but the vastness doesn’t sink in until you hop on a plane, fly thousands of miles, and still have a long way to go. My beautiful colleagues Sangita di and Kanchan were with me to witness this and had a notion to land on the city of notions – Boston. The B1 Palace added a lot of memories with a lot of wonderful people visiting and living with us.

At Deerwalk Lexington Office, I was pleased to meet all the onshore Deerwalk team. Everyone was welcoming, gracious and exceedingly helpful. Upon their suggestion I expanded my horizon and tried new things, which turned out to be as amazing as they sounded. During initial days, a lot of partying, after a hard day of work of-course, was done with Krishna dai, Prayash, Narendra dai, Niraj dai, Neeraj dai, Kanchan who were just the perfect mates to share an apartment with. I also got a chance to see the mesmerizing New York City with Narendra dai. The iconic view of Manhattan Skyline, Statue of Liberty, Rockefellers Center, Central Park, Staten Island, famous Charging Bull, and lit Times Square really proved that this city never sleeps. I also visited the capital, Washington DC, with Prayash and Saroj dai where I felt like I was walking around on a movie set, as everything looked so familiar. Everywhere you turned, there was something named after a famous person, someone an important part of US history, be it a building, a street, an island or a park. Visiting the impressive Lincoln Park, Vietnam War Memorial, Washington Monument, National Mall, NASA Space museum and the White House, which were just spread across 2 miles of radius, left us in awe. All in all, I had a wonderful and very enjoyable stay.

Everyone was welcoming, gracious and exceedingly helpful. Upon their suggestion I expanded my horizon and tried new things, which turned out to be as amazing as they sounded.

I remember running up to Lexington High School, Waltham Commons, Prospect Hill, and Hardy pond circuit from our place with just a map scratched on paper. Niraj dai , Prayash and I used to put on our running shoes whenever we got the chance, because who wouldn’t when given an opportunity trade the treadmill for the gorgeous running paths and wonderful weather Boston had to offer. But during winters, it was a different story, the running was halted for a while due to the snow but that didn’t stop us from walking around everywhere when given the chance. The Boston Freedom Trail, 2.5 miles with 16 stops, was certainly something exciting and I recommend it as a must do thing understand US history better and explore downtown Boston by foot. It was time to skate as ice skating had become our new sport due to the wintery snow. So, we used to go down to Waltham Ice Hockey Arena, to as far as Downtown’s Frog Pond and just skate or fall trying. Apart from world renowned institutions Harvard and MIT, the historic city of Boston is also famous for great athletic franchises and diehard fans.TD Garden is home to Boston’s legendary hockey and basketball team and to watch the Boston Celtics deliver championship caliber performance against Charlotte Hornets was an experience beyond the sport.

It was Christmas month and we were busy all day wrapping up work at hand just to be able to attend parties and enjoy to our fullest. Everyone in the office was generous to invite us cater with delicious varieties of cuisines. It was always hard to tell if it was an office colleague’s party or a family event. We had a blast when Dave Hansen and Muna came to B1 palace and enjoyed the food we had especially cooked for them. Muna bhauju and Rudra dai invited us to their wonderful home and we had fun there too. Whenever given a chance, Dichhya di, Sangita di, Sagun, Monika, and Sanshila di used to come to B1 palace and we used to make most of the weekends..

With Christmas starting to fade in, January in New York and Las Vegas was a time of surprising tranquility, which made it the perfect time to visit if you don’t like big crowds! Another bonus of January was that due to the cold weather, the travel fares were at the the lowest of the year. A road trip from Las Vegas to San Francisco through California and up the Pacific Coast Highway is quite possibly one of the greatest road trips I could have ever taken in my life. Those days were best days of my life and I’d like to give a big shout out to Manish dai, Saroj dai, Prayash, Sushant dai, Rohit dai, Anil dai for being a part of this wonderful adventure with me. Nicknamed the Entertainment Capital of the World and the City that Never Sleeps, respectively, these two great American cities was perfect choice to kick-start 2018 and shake those winter blues. It may seem that the cities are worlds apart but they both share the striking similarity that both are very much alive in January and we made to these places on weekends.
Feburary – After months of client calls and meeting it was finally time to put faces on the names I’ve been working with for more than two years. Along with Prayash and Sangita di, we flew to Chicago and Bill and Barbara welcomed us with a warm hospitality. We tried a range of fine wines at Bill’s and were amazed by the collection he had. The Chicago team took us to play Bocce at Pinstripes which was very fun to play. During our stay in Chicago, we went to different places like Field Museum of National History, Millenium Park and Art Institute of Chicago. The day before we left for Boston, Bill and Barbara took us for lunch at the famous Greekland restaurant and then onto Kingston Mines club at the night to groove to some blues music. Everyone rocked the floor and Bill got a Kingston Mines limited edition t-shirt for his friend, Kapil dai, in Nepal. It was then time to head home and say farewell to The States. But, before leaving, we decided to go on one last road trip. Accompanied by Manish dai, Saroj dai, Dichhya di, Monica and Anil dai we visited Niagara Falls. Although it wasn’t such a good idea to visit the Fall in winter, but I felt that winter brought an added dimension of beauty to the Niagara Falls. The natural wonder had transformed into a frozen landscape unlike any other, the mist and spray from the falls combined with the ice-cold winds of winter sprayed the nearby ornamental walls, lamp posts, trees and buildings creating lovely frozen ice sculptures, which I wished to see illuminated on the Canadian side, but weren’t allowed to go.

Most importantly, I learnt that, I may not like them all or agree with their opinions, but at the end of the day, I know we’re the same. America is a diverse nation, yet the one thing I noticed is that despite our vast political and cultural differences, we live the same lives, share the same hopes, dreams, fears, and stresses.

Thank you Milan Dai, Rudra Dai, Pramod Dai for this wonderful opportunity.

Thank you Dave, Sagar dai, Manish dai, Saroj dai, Suresh dai , Sushant dai, Abanish dai, Namita di, Rebika di, Smriti di, Bipul dai, Sanjeev dai and the entire Deerwalk Family in Boston for the love, care and support. It was a pleasure to meet you all and hope to see you again.

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