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Prashant Tamang: the new Indian Idol

Prashant Tamang has won the Indian Idol competition. It is 1:21 am in Kathmandu at the moment and Nepali brothers and sisters are celebrating this win emphatically – I hear roars, whistles, fire crackers bursting in the neighborhood. I congratulate Prashant for having won the competition and wish him all the best in his job and singing career.

All of us should deeply think of our priorities at this time. For those who are hell bent on dividing the country on ethno-political lines, this is a reminder that Nepali unity is still unchallanged. Nepal is incomplete and unimaginable without this unity. Let us all stay united in solving all our problems, rather than playing blame game and polarizing the country on ethno-political lines.

Furthermore, let us all realize that we should not only pride ourselves that a Nepali descendent has won an Indian competition, but also utilize this unity and solidarity to do something important for our naiton. Let this be a moment where we all come together to think deeply of where we want to take Nepal at this historical juncture.

Long Live Plural Nepal!

0 thoughts on “Prashant Tamang: the new Indian Idol

  1. Anup (if I can address you with your first name), I’m not against supporting Prashant. I was only pointing out that we have our own problems. Taking pride in Prashant is good, but that won’t solve our own socio-economic and political problems. I was just calling for unity — as seen in the Prashant case — to be used well in our own context. Nischal has rightly pointed out that our patiotism is sometimes misplaced. We have to pride on how we, the Nepalis in Nepal can do, rather than look good in someone else’s eye (in this case, in the eyes of the Indian public).

    If the Prashant example allows Nepali music artists and thinkers to make a niche in the Indian market, it would be great. Just supporting Prashant will not make us great. Besides, I did wish him all the best and also commented about the Nepali unity.

  2. Anup be clear that Prashant is not NRN, he is not only a indian civilian but indian police. You missed this before committing. You can cheer up not only NRN, Nepales but people from other country. Things that matters is resource (money and time) you spend on such futile matters can be used in any national important issues(so many national issues, no need to mention).

  3. I simply dont understand why you think supporting or cheering Prashant is wrong and that it is something which must not be prioritized.. what i see with such events is something called trickle down effect.. i will exemplify my statement with this:
    you know Vinod Khosla (Founding member of Sun Microsystems & Venture Capitalist), Om Malik (Technology Blogger), Amar Bose (Founder of Bose Corp) ..and so on.. indians are known because these NRIs have contributed a lot and have helped India indirectly and directly..and that is how the employment etc. is trickling down to india..
    Nepal too will witness such thing once we have NRNs staying abroad achieving greater heights and then contributing something for Nepal.Prashant, i hope, will deliver something to us in the similar way..not only that i sincerely believe that other Nepalese will also do the same…

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