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Prakash Bhatt’s US Visit

Technically, it was an emergency hotfix for me when my second visit to the US was confirmed. Later a month’s stay was extended to three months. Landing in Boston was a different experience this time. Earlier I had a bad experience of jet lag; however, this time, I was more confident and active. I would like to thank the entire Deerwalk Lexington Team for making me feel at home and for their friendly hospitality. My thanks and remembrance to all.

Daily midday and stand up meetings in the Lexington office turned out to be a special moment for me to learn a lot of technical and business stuff. Working in the US office was challenging as well as fun, just like being a ‘goalkeeper’ trying to save a goal. There were unfamiliar cases: varieties of questions and concerns kept coming from different stakeholders. Tackling them was also an occasion for me to grow my technical as well as logical skills.

Staying at Ashay’s home and Extended Stay was marvelous. Meeting foreigners of various nationals outside of Extended Stay, especially after office hours, was happy and unforgettable. I also learned and experienced dos and don’ts according to their cultures, communities, and activities.

Furthermore, I had an extraordinary summer experience while visiting different beaches like Salisbury and Seagull. The Niagara Falls experience was spiritual and fantastic. Road trip chain MA -> NYC -> New Jersey -> Atlantic City -> Maryland -> DC <- was also wondrous. We also visited the office of the Indian Ambassador at DC, which turned out to be a memorable one. Lucky me got a chance to fly on a Business Class on Qatar Airways while heading back home. It was cool and comfortable. I was able to compare the facilities between the economy and business classes because of this flight.

Lastly, this visit was fruitful as I got a chance to meet the US team members in person and learn about their views, visions, and expectations from the Nepal Team. Thank you again, Deerwalk Team, for this great opportunity.

[Prakash Bhatt, Engineering Manager at Deerwalk Services Pvt. Ltd. Nepal, visited Deerwalk Inc, USA, from June 28, 2019, to September 30, 2019]