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Prachanda poses for a photo & collects 500 Euro donation

Here you go – you can see how much time our PM has in his hand – he can wander around local restaurant in Germany collecting donation of U.S. $ 700. What does this tell? These Nepalese leaving abroad know how to defame our country – inviting prime minister for a photo session and making fun of him with body size check worth damn 500 Euro.  Donating for the sake of access to politicians and favor from them is a shame! I wonder who is advising Prachanda?  


It may be that Kantipur is trying to make fun of Prachanda (?) or simply there was not any other national level news which could come as a feaured post in their site?

0 thoughts on “Prachanda poses for a photo & collects 500 Euro donation

  1. Wow, was fuer ein Vollidiot! (that’s German for: What and idiot!)

    Why would he ask like that? There is a “correct” way to receive a donation and it certainly is not by going around to restaurants in Germany asking for 500 Euros…

  2. The PM does not walk around restaurants to collect impromptu donation. He should think big and make decision. Simplicity is required. Who does deny that? He should move with agenda. Without agenda even a CEO does not work these days. I am sure he did not have that (going to that very restaurant) in the agenda before leaving Nepal. This is absurd and yes stupid too and attempt to seek cheap popularity as well. We are already poor, we do not need to be seen worse than what we are. Give me a break! He is being paid tax payers, we, tax payers, deserve better. With that said, I am not saying he needs to be as un-approachable and as arrogant as Girija and Deuba.

  3. Dont forget each drop is equally important to make a sprint, river, sea and then ocean. Every coin has two part you guys says stupid and i say simplicity. That is what lacking in us being nepali dont only think of big fish start with tiny and be prepared for a Big and other thing is not about acting smarter but being wise. Yes he wanted to be popular and he prove it.

    Yahee blog bata nepali ko bane zalkincha +ve attitude nai cahina khale -ve nai bhutro desh bikas huncha…

  4. झोल खान गाकी बुढी चौटामा डुबेर मरी

    This is opposite of common proverb and this fits for Prachanda as he thinks he is smarter than others.

    That’s what it is happening here. He wanted to be popular, but ended up being a stupid. How could one expect this guy lead the nation?

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