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Power to Live

Power to destroy,
                is, no power at all,
but a reason quaver,
                an enigma of fall.

See how the bombs
                blast into powder
Listen! the tyrants wailing,
                six feet under

The Power to destroy,
is, no power at all!

But, look at the innocents,
                silenced by thunder.
Open your minds, to the
                consequences of their blunder.

Power to create
                is the power of all,
a reason to survive,
                a reason, not to fall!

The better part of society,
                a creation,
                                for you and me,
with the power to live,
                fight for it!

0 thoughts on “Power to Live

  1. Things we know but we don’t want to know coz we want to remain silent… Portrayal of reality of power. Good one.

  2. War stories get the front coverage. May be the story of destruciton sells better. And the impact – ‘power’ and ‘destruction’ are so tightly linked up in our mind. We see power as the potential of destruciton.

    Nice attempt of Awsiv to detach them and link it over to ‘Life’ and ‘Creation’. Loved it.

  3. The Power to destroy,
    is, no power at all!

    and one more thing “great power means great responsibilty”

    but the thing is we human beings don’t act as we should when we get power.

    its hard to be practical, we all live in illusions and theories.

    Great effort Awsiv loved it

  4. Awsiv, this is an awesome article…. Hope you’d continue writing articles…..

    Really enjoyed this though.

    Keep up the good work…

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