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Positive Attitude!

Have you ever consciously started your morning with the positive attitude? If you never have, you may want to give it a try tomorrow with the “Smiley good morning” to your co-worker. And, consciously monitor how you perform whole day. Believe me, it does the magic. As we know, we spent more than nine hours everyday at work and if it becomes unpleasant it would be mighty unproductive for you and for your employer.

Time has changed and even in Nepal, Businesses has started to hire employees from diverse background (i.e. man, woman, young, old, foreign and domestic, nationally and internationally educated/trained, experienced or beginner).

We need to understand and accept personal or cultural differences. Having positive attitude is very important at work. We need to treat all co-workers with respect, be respectful by paying attention, listening carefully, and responding appropriately.

We need to be courteous and professional regardless of the situation, when you have the conflict with a co-worker, try to put yourself in their shoes, what I mean by that is that look at things from his or her perspective. You will both be more productive if you recognize the need for cooperation to reach common goals.

I feel that personal energy is an important component of personal and business productivity. What we need to do is to avoid negative thought and criticisms and be less judgmental and more accepting of the situation therefore we can create better corporate culture.

So let’s try to have positive attitude and start our day with “Smiley good morning”!

72 thoughts on “Positive Attitude!

  1. Very well said there, Shree. Useful lessons in interpersonal skills, effective communication, positive outlook and managerial know how. You sound like a seasoned Manager. By the way, the word that would best describe your argument in the 4th paragraph is empathy.

    All the best Manager saab 😀

  2. Of course, positive attitude at the very begininig of a day makes us energetic throughout the day. Being conscious of what we shoud do to be positive helps us keep track of what we do while we work. In most of the cases we try to be positive while we are conscious but it is the unconscious mind that bends us towards negative attitude. If we start a day with positive attitude and become conscious of it that greatly helps.

  3. True,, true, Positive Attitude in adverse conditions helps everybody if different sects of people blending together in the organization were similarly grown up,,or were trained to show positiveness in work,home,everywhere,everytime.Harshness and rudeness certainly should not enter into anybody’s head.People should display cordiality as much as possible even after being HUMAN, and after the fact that two genes cannot same via inhertiance and acquired characters unless we clone them(Cloning has been controversial but we should and must clone good genes so bad people do not exist in universe).
    In fact, the training in the company is an attempt to cloning people and so does educational institutions, they clone people’s brains. Brain Washing too helps in removing oddities from people , so, everybody starts thinking and acting positively.When we work in a single entity, we are cloned as non-clonable being are not entered into the cloning process. Microsoft’s OS say, vista is cloned into multiple websites, CDs expecting them to run across the world in all hardware PCs without any problem. People have found millions of bugs, but, because of positive attitude they pay tax to microsoft. So, we try cloning people with positive attitude, but , if we are really positive, we must have positive attitude even if the other Distemepered/rude/Always Negative person exists. It is Buddha and his preaching, like that of Mahatma Gandhi tech positiveness in real. If somebody slaps you with right hand on the Right-side Cheek, then ask him to have Left hand hit left cheek.Hear no Evil, See no evil, and Speak no Evil.
    But real world is combined with indefinitism, indeterminism, and probability of chances being same cannot be expected.IF All were well and positive, we need not have this world scenario where there are multiple problems:Poverty, Hunger, Religion, Salvation, Preachings, Teachings,Trainings, Jobs, …..
    Because no peoblem, be positive, no fight, no competition, no difference. Judges would have difficulty in assessment as all are equal. Then no police, Army, Rules, Administration, management would evolve in new way as ALL Positive implies no problem, and no problem implies no new chaos/world order. Even the World President George Bush does not display positiveness, he looks so rude, but he is the president and people respect him as much as they hate him for being Strong in his opinion and never having positive attitude.But His positiveness lies with his duty. So, rather than judging people’s personal characterisitics/manners/behaviours/mood/ego/sentiments/ethics/morality… we should be like people of US who never decide the fate of their country (implies world) based on their chosen and to be chosen president’s attitude. We know the Difference in highly positive Bill Clinton’s moral character (Hillary has beautifully described his actions herself, but, she was positive and so did not divorce him) and so strong faced and agressive looking pure Catholic based GW Bush. So, Controversy must exist to show real positive strength as long as OUTPUTS from the MANAGER helps on keeping up the organization Spirit/Assets/Promotion/Duty/Responsibility…..and is doing assigned taks in expected positive manner.
    Lastly, I would like to thank the author for judging people’s attitude in such a Positive manner and showing acceptance for all WRONGS/NEGATIVES in his large spaced +ve heart.
    Humans are opposite to Maths that say Set of Negatives cannot have positives in them, but Human beings being natural numbers Super Set have place for all numbers =ves and -ves both, thank GOD.

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