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Poor negotiation skills among the Nepalese officials

On 2007-6-21 issue of The Rising Nepal, there is an interesting news with heading:
Poor negotiation skills put Nepal’s interest in shadow. That mean Nepalese are really screwed up here. There is one joke, when Nepal and India sits for negotiation, Indian side have all Nepalese issue with them before hand. Not only that, joke goes further, India has all issues that Nepalese side going to discuss on their homework meeting back in Nepal. We can do very little when someone is very …

“happy” …to disclose information before hand. But looking at how Nepalese deal with Bhutan on refugee issue, we clearly lacked focus on our needs and hence seriously lacked the negotiating skill. On trade issue, with so many new development in world trade and commerce, and fierce competition and very poor in hand knowledge of the matter, one can only imagine what our negotiators will do.

What make us so poor negotiator any way? Last Friday, I went to a shop to buy a pair of shoe. A sales man there really annoyed me. I asked him that pair does not look same in size and asked for another pair. He answered me if it wont not matter if I buy or not. Looked like that fool sales man caught in wrong job. Lots of Nepalese would do any job no matter what. I believe many of our negotiators fits this description as well.

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  1. All other Nepalse seem to be happy with current dismeanor, misbehaviour of Nepalese officials as nobody commented here except that Perfect hero. They are rude, frantic, never help for country and people. They just drink during negotiations and sign with drunk mind not reading thoroughly what it is, even if it says they are taking away everything that is with you, IOU everything, thus destroying every international facility gain for nepal.

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