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Rajendra Keshari Pandey


Politicians and Public Opinion

I am a regular listener to Image FM 103.6, aired everyday at 08:00 a.m. Nepal time from Kathmandu by Image News Channel. This program is a live discussion inviting public opinion on important issues. Its excellent presenter Thakur Belbase makes this FM program even livelier. There are some regular and eloquent speakers namely: Bishwa Nath, Rambir, R. Chintan, Ananta Sharma, Krishna Bhakta, B. P. Dhakal, Durga Shakya, Baba Deuja, Babu Lal ji, Muna Tripathi, Laxmi ji, and many more who appear unbiased and deliver their messages simply and boldly. It would be very wise of our politicians if they could spare some of their precious time, at least half an hour a day, maybe reducing the regular resort breakfast sessions, to listen and understand this programme. Through this channel the peoples’ voice may be able to open their deaf ears and blind eyes. But as of now I have not heard even one of our leaders facing this program and responding to the people. In my opinion a politician’s entire purpose and career begins with people and ends with people. Without people no one can be a politician, king or an emperor. Furthermore without people their ballot box has no meaning. So they should think and act for the population first, not just nurturing and defending their own cadres and suppressing others. When people are their ‘reason to be’ then why not listen to the voice of the people. They are on the wrong track by forgetting people. This is an immature act that will harm them eventually. As this radio programme is so good I feel that it will gradually be phased out due to various influences because it is too direct, live, good, and it represents people’s genuine views. My wish is: this program should continue. In this context I would like to quote an old saying of St. Tulasi Das. “Sachha Kahe to mara jaye, jhootha jag patiyaye. Galli Galli goras bikaye, madira baitha bikaye”. If you speak truth chances are that you may be killed, speak lies and the world will believe you. Milk has to be brought on the street to sell, but liquor is sold on the shop without any effort, (one need not go to the street to sell it.)

In the reaction to public opinion there is difference between our so-called politicians and western politicians. Ours generally do not listen, respond or act as per the publics’ voice. Others listen to their public and usually respond them, because they feel that they are accountable to the people. Our leaders only know a few slogans like: Down with Madhav, down with Prachanda and Baburam, down with Thapa, Rana, down with this and down with that. Every political party is up to their arms in this version and each one is pinching, provocating and taunting the other continuously. However these are the only available politicians and politics here at the moment, solutions can only be made by consensus among them. But while seeking consensus, balance is required, if everybody is bad in this country then who is clean and good, who can be trusted? This Mr. Good should come forward and say. “I am good and can prove it, I am able and can do it”. But there seems very little chance of a Mr. Good’s presence here. Just cursing or praising India does not serve the politician’s goal or interest. It may fulfil their wish initially, but does not sustain. People living in glasshouses should not throw stones. We should first make our own home strong. We should unite. Buddha says: “Sanghe Shakti” There is strength in unity. Look at your palm; it has five fingers that make a fist. One finger or three fingers does not make a fist. It is a simple as that.

People trust something tangible. What is tangible for Nepali people here? What have they received from their struggle for a change, only politician’s assurance. Is this the whole outcome of the people’s toil? I am not convinced here. I have not felt the arrival of democracy and presence of democratic feelings in this country. Democracy must be tangible to the people. They should have confidence in the system and trust in the politicians and their words. But trust does not exist here. More mistrust seems to be growing in people’s heart caused by the deeds of our politicians. Dear politicians please listen to Image FM 103.6 every morning at 08:00 hrs. Something might emerge in your good brains.

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