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Rajendra Keshari Pandey



During my college days I studied political science for some years. This study is now obsolete, but still fruitful for me even today. I have some basic knowledge of world politics, but I could never understand our own politics, the system or the politicians. Globally politics has some fundamental rules, and a politician should possess some dignity, dedication, morals, and a will to serve the nation and have the respect of the people. They should demonstrate some of these basic qualities, but here I observe none of them. Neither fundamental rules exist here, or the basic human qualities to earn respect from the people. Here Constitution, Law, Rules and Regulations appear to apply to the masses only and not the politicians. It’s as if they have obtained political immunity, like diplomatic immunity. Previously there were some people, the so-called “upper class”, who were above the law. They used to have all of their hands in all of the pies. Those days there used to be ministers of many hues. Some were colourful and others colour fools who ran this country under the supervision of their chief. Some ministers were nick named wall ministers, some one was called Horn Please Minister, and some were called street ministers. An example of the level of “colour fools” that we entrust our country’s reputation to is illustrated by the following. One can often see on the back of highway trucks and buses the sign Pheri bhetaula, meaning: We will meet again or see you again. Just underneath are usually the words Horn Please. However, at a formal farewell party for a western diplomat, one of our Ministers just said, “Horn Please” whilst happily shaking hands with the shocked visitor. He did not understand the meaning of Horn Please and the reference was totally inappropriate in such a situation. Can you imagine that this type of Horn Please person is capable of representing our country properly?

Now another type of driver has emerged here, who seems to be following the same road map and Horn Please scenario? Nepal is in the doldrums and only the words have changed but the deeds are the same. Wherever the wind blows there our politics and politician goes or gets wafted along on the breeze. Convincing people with concrete plans, policies and implementation strategies is far from the reality. Only the game of confusing the masses and capturing power is happening here. Politicians who are criticised on their plans, policy matters, and style of working by their own party members are regular phenomena here.

Lunch and dinner in luxury hotels constantly continues as if they never had a good meal in their life. For such a poor country this type of extravagance does not suit, but it has been happening here for decades. I have no idea how this extravaganza is financed or what the moral justification is for such ostentatious behaviour. If these expenses are incurred from the national coffer, then this is very unfortunate. The rituals of all political parties of Nepal are such that they do things without research, consultation or thought for the consequences. They take immature haphazard steps along the path to implement agendas without realising the pros and cons. The catchwords democracy, multiparty system, and human rights are tailored as per the current need, but in reality they lack substance and purpose. I remember a wise man saying, “I believe in action, not in position”. Here the fools believe the opposite: In the 21st century how long can this type of stupidity sustain? Thanks to the nature of the tolerant Nepalis, the various parties have got away with mismanagement for a long time. However, when the pot is full and it boils, then it spills over and problems start. When the level of tolerance has surpassed its endurance the pain makes us a little wiser and intolerant of the same heat again. It would have taken us some more years to obtain such awareness but the behaviour of the politicians and the national managers has made us aware quickly. Thanks to them at least some good things are cooking, however the tactics and techniques of where the wind blows there we politicians go should be removed from agenda. All breezes subside eventually and in the calm days ahead the focus must be towards the development of this country and its people.


  1. “Lunch and dinner in luxury hotels constantly continues as if they never had a good meal in their life” – i despise such acts! All the lean and thin get a pregnant-belly… Do they work? do they even think what they should be doing? I guess these politicians get too much power and control than they can handle. they behave as if winning an election is their ultimate goal… its just the start of a journey.

    its a nice write-up! “WHEREVER THE WIND BLOWS, THERE THE POLITICIAN GOES” – you know why? its because they don’t know where to go! No plans, no vision and we can judge their situation, its plain simple – they’re confused!

  2. Nice Write Up Sir, Straight to the Point!!
    Yes our politicians are just like “A Pot Without a Base”,(पींध् न भएको लोटा, जुन जता पनि ढल्कन सक्छ).
    But the interesting part is that, they play around with the sentiments of common people, and topple around as per their vested interest. बच्चा हरु ले आँफैले धकेल्छन अनी भनछन नि, मम्मी…… मलाई तेस्ले धकेलो ….. तेस्तै छन हाम्रा नेताज्यु हरु। So Immature.
    And this has always been the sorry part of our so called leaders, Then (Nepal) and Now (so called Naya Nepal).

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