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Political Instability

Nepal has a long tradition of political instability. After people’s movement II also this type of unsteady situation has not been settled down due to political parties’ immaturity and recklessness over solving the political problems. History has witnessed the power of Nepali people and their political awareness in people’s movement II. Nepali people have given the mandate to the political parties to resolve the political deadlock and bring the peaceful situation in the country. The mandate is neither for only seven political parties nor for only Maoists. Both of them should come under same umbrella and resolve our country’s social, economic and political problems. Only the political willingness can solve the political impasse and for that all political parties including Maoists should take initiations.

Now, all political parties have been agreed upon the main issue of constituent assembly. The seven political party alliance government and Maoists have come under 12 points, 8 points and now 5 points’ agreements. Now, they have been waiting for senior level discussion for the settlement of other unsettled political issues. There is no doubt that both of them have been trying their best for bringing common consensus but there seems lack of buoyancy and confidence between them. The political tether has now come into the point of arms management. At least, by sending five points common understanding to the UN, both the government and Maoists have shown their high esteem political maturity but we all know that that had happened only after the open threatens of Maoist leader. Oh, what was that! If they both claim and feel that they are the associates of movement- II, then what the common people should understand from that threatening and sidelining attitudes of Maoists and the government respectively. Does it mean that the government is trying its best to give message to the people that the change was probable due to seven parties own initiations only or the Maoists is trying to give message to the people that it was possible due to their initiations only? None of them were the only reason behind such tremendous, courageous and spiritual change. We hope all the political parties have understood that fact. But why they have been showing such immature and mysterious attitudes by disbelieving with each other?

It is our country’s unfortunate situations that even after the common understanding between the Government and the Maoists, both of them are blaming each other now for making the situation worst in the country. The government seems giving ears to the international forum voices only especially the US by ignoring the national voices and the Maoists even seems giving priority to the weapons rather than believing to the people’s verdict and power. Okay from Maoists perspective, they even do not believe to the Nepali army forces as who can guarantee that the Nepali army will not go for the king if the situation goes against of the king after constituent assembly? Of course, this is a genuine and logical concern but why the seven-party-alliance government seems unable to provide assurance and make them comfort that if the thing goes like this then we all together bring other Tsunami to protect people’s sovereign existence. But, the same question can be raised to the Maoists also in the same way as they have also weapons on their hands. But what we believe is that the main problem is not in the realm of weapons but in the realm of political adjustment and settlement. The chaos and disbelieving attitudes should be killed by the political packages not by sticking to the stereo type one-way chanting and pin-pointing to one another’s faults and creating doubtful atmosphere with each other. Hey, leaders why don’t you all sit and bring common consensus for the people’s welfare not for your personal interests by discharging your own rigid attitudes? Can’t you make some flexibility for the welfare of the country itself? No one dares to breach the confidence if you all believe in people’s power and no one will be ever deceived as people have been watching keenly and seriously and will always be watchful.

Now, these days we have been seeing different agitating movements and hunger strikes in the country also. Different professional organizations and teachers as well as civil servant associations have been carried out their strikes. Not entirely all but some of the strikes have been happening as “Mauka Ma Chauka Hanne ” Phenomena. Okay, everybody has the right to have their rights if their voices have not been heard. Actually now, those have to have make strikes who have lost their lives and their livelihood due to flooding and landslides catastrophes. The government became unsuccessful to provide enough relief measures in timely manner to those people. If only the shouting-people can have their access then who is there for such voiceless people? Have we ever organized strikes for such people’s welfare and livelihood? So, what we suppose as the general people that it is not the right time to have our demands. These demands and agitations only bring political instability so that the defeated ones can get the chance to play from their sides and make conspiracy meticulously. And, that eventually hampers and weakens people’s power. It is the time to have patience and go straightly to the constituent assembly. We have waited till now so why not till constituent assembly election results?

This is our country’s transitional period and everyone should be alert. In this transitional period, if the political associates bring misunderstanding between themselves then the other self- motive-intended-people can get their success on conspiracy. This is not the time of calculation as who has contributed a lot but the time to think about our intended goal of constituent assembly. We can listen but we don’t need to apply the philosophy of foreigners. The political changes were not successful due to their advices. If we were able and competent enough to bring the changes and throw the autocratic regime then why not we will be able to bring consensus on any issues whether it is the issue of arms management or other political adjustments? But for that we all have to sit calmly and discuss freely and seriously by not blaming and pin-pointing to any of the co associates outsides. Outsides arguments help the outsiders only. But why even the government senior leaders do bother to give their unnecessary comments on peace going process? Is it their habits or are they being excited sitting on government chairs? If we can easily throw the autocratic regime then we can also throw any of the parties, who bring misconceptions and illusions to the people’s peace living wants. So, in these circumstances, everyone has to pay heavy price one-other misuse the people’s mandate and power.

Thus, whether it is the government or the political parties; never ever try to miscalculate or misuse the people’s power and mandate because that will be deplorable for the whole nation.

74 thoughts on “Political Instability

  1. 1. Both the political parties and the Maoists understand very well the power of the people that was made evident in the April Uprising. That is why they come to the public whenever the peace process seems to be in a standstill. They are using people’s power as leverage in the discussions, to apply pressure to the other side. This is ridiculous. But then it is the people themselves who can force them to reach a consensus. And the Nagarik Samaj is doing a great job of it. Instead of partisan politics, I wish more people were involved with the Nagarik Samaj.

    2. In a society that lacks decentralization (but is democratic), it becomes difficult for the people to get the government to act on their grievances. Since the formation of the interim government, not a single issue has been resolved. Some promises have been made – to municipal workers, to recently freed bonded laborers – but that too after intensive street protests. In such an atmosphere, the people, feeling disenfranchised and betrayed, will undoubtedly take to the streets. In such situations, while there are many real causes, some unimportant causes also manage to mobilize. What we need is a decentralized and responsive government that is actually intent on solving small problems rather than just making 10 year grand visions.

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