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Political Impasse Is Looming the Peace Process of Nepal

The major three political parties inked a three-point agreement at eleventh hour on May 28, 2010 to extend the tenure of the Constituent Assembly (CA). However, the political impasse still prevails. It is because that in the agreed upon three points, other remaining 2 points are yet to come in action. While the UCPN-Maoist are hard for the instantaneous resignation of the incumbent prime minister, the Nepali congress and CPN-UML argue that this will be possible only after the Maoists agree to a package deal of peace process and rehabilitation and integration of Maoists combatants. Whatever the particulars of the concern, however, it gradually appears neither part is eager to keep their side of the agreement, supporting political impasse in Nepal. Notwithstanding all the talk of “bringing the peace process to its logical conclusion”, it seems that underlying the speech-making of major political party leaders are merely power reckonings a propos which party will be permissible to lead the government. Now, as the CA has been extended and a political crisis circumvented, it seems that political leaders have become unperturbed in the idea that there is all the time in the world for them to be dressed in the other side down and emerge increasing in the new power-sharing concurrence that comes out.

Seeing the political scenarios after 3-point agreement, the Nepali Congress and CPN-UML are blaming UCPN-Maoists for being reluctant to contain themselves to a package deal that embraces a firm commitment of numbers regarding the rehabilitation and integration of Maoist combatants. The Maoists seem suspicious that the other parties will betray them by not giving anything in return, no matter what they commit themselves to. This reluctance and suspicion of major political parties is looming Nepal’s peace process and timely constitution. There is a worrisome but likely leeway that the political parties will be happy to keep this state of ‘play of tactic and bargaining game’ for some period of time. Even the power-holding parties seem satisfied enough to be there in power always by keeping the UCPN-Maoist out on the excuse that the UCPN-Maoists are loath to concur to any deal on integration, the future of the YCL and the return of seized property. This excuse of NC and UML is also creating confusion for political consensus and obstructing the constitution making process. It should be dealt by major political parties collectively. It is for sure that without political consensus among major three political parties neither our constitution will be drafted nor the peace process will find its logical end.

We Urge for Immediate Consensus among Major Political Parties

The last hour three-point agreement of major three political parties has somewhat given relief to Nepalese from the implications of political and constitutional crisis in Nepal. For that, the political parties are thankful. However, their agreed upon points should come in action without any delay. Due to the growing and regular pressure of civil society and all stakeholders, the political parties were compelled to do the agreement. Now, the CA tenure has been extended by one year but still there has not been any concrete framework and timeline for drafting the constitution and they are defining their agreed points on their own ways, meaning the political deadlock still remains.

Thus, we urge major three political parties of Nepal to come on consensus immediately in making pro-people constitution in Nepal. If the constitution is not made, its major repercussions will be endured by women, dalits, minorities and deprived group of people. Without rhetoric to their any ploy and being delay on constitution making process, we appeal all political parties to come under the same umbrella in making first ever people’s constitution of Nepal. The extended time of CA is for drafting and promulgating the constitution rather creating confusion and rhetoric to their differences. It is the crucial time for constitution making thus all political parties are appealed to act meaningfully and carefully to give people a-must-awaited democratic constitution for the wellbeing and prosperity of all Nepalese.

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