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Pokhareli Ladies’ washing chores

pokhara ladies
221. Pokhareli Ladies’ washing chores
Photo By: Pedran
Posted Date: 24th June 2008

This is how the working day for women starts in Nepal, down at the local salon to shampoo and rinse before washing the laundry. Not recommended though if you like your hair scented with something other than what flows into Phewa Lake from Pokhara.

White-headed Dhaulagiri Himal peeks over the hill as if to say his snow-crested crop is a good deal cleaner than the hair of the ladies below.

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0 thoughts on “Pokhareli Ladies’ washing chores

  1. municipal waste as well!!! 😈
    That is truly outrageous! shameful! and despicable!

    and Shutterbug, no worries, your comments have always been informative and inspiring… (i already imagined the standout shot with that ‘Red sari’ as you have described above)

  2. Pokhara valley is no doubt a lovely valley surrounded by high peaks of Mt. Annapurna (8091m.) and Mt. Macchapuchhre (6996 m.). It consists of three famous sizable Lakes, Phewa, Begnas and Rupa but it is heart wrenching to see these magnificent lakes getting polluted day by day. Picture above by Pedran is an example of people’s insensitivity towards Phewa lake conservation.

    They utilize the Lake water for various purposes like washing clothes, cleaning utensils and bathing. You can see several pipelines in the picture which are connected to the Lake for extracting water. Lake is also getting polluted by liquid waste directly discharge from the shops located at the periphery of lake side and even municipal waste as well. It is so outrageous.

    So let’s preserve this beautiful and romantic lake of our country.

    This picture by Pedran is an ordinary scene and we “Photographers” are the one who can make such ordinary to an extraordinary with our sixth sense. This picture lack ‘Point of interest’. Caption and description is not specific to stress on its main ‘subject’. Making the horizontal line of Lake and Hill parallel, would have been a better composition.

    Instead of choosing wide view Pedran should have isolated the lady (at the right) in a vertical composition who was washing clothes to emphasis on the environment of Phewa lake. Red sari of her would standout prominently with foreground of lake, green hill and Dhaulagiri Himal.

    Please excuse me if my comments are little audacious and more in a journalist’s perspective.

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