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Poem by Jyotsna

once again you ran far away..stealing my words..and dissapeared like smoke of

cigeratte..leaving me alone… deep inside the cascade i hide..all i ever want was ur just

lie..now i am burried alive…but i am more like you..drifted by myself by the sins of ur

unfaithfufulness..i have just become dead walking.

u went smiling and that was just probably the fake smile i didnt recognize at dark…wanted

to tell u a lot at last meet…knowing it will be the beginning of the end…wanted to kill

my silence but i m more like you…leaving on the hands of faith…now i nomore wanted to

suffer the pain and leave everything at the faiths hand…calling u wid both the arms

open…please accept it.

0 thoughts on “Poem by Jyotsna

  1. Hi, jyotsna how u doing?? I really don’t know if there’s any reason behind this poem. But frankly speaking you are a great poet. Expecting more poems 4rm u in near future like this one (heart touchin).

  2. When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.

  3. ………Why do there is some one who always re grates on what they have done and what have went through their life at past ….And hoping that they will have the time to share and make the past the present….Please don’t re grate on what we have done and what we have passed through…………….Just make the present worthy……………………

  4. nice one.keep it up. U seem to be gloomy by a betray.
    Don’t think of it all the time.Then u’ll c the life more interesting.

  5. This sexy poem has laready got 72 hits, thanks to poet. Nicely bracketed is good word. the poets open ended brackets need to be filled and gaps too should diminish, so the ultimate desire is fulfilled with arms from both sides hugging together in heaven or hell, so aliveness is seen in the poet.

  6. Intricate feelings beautifully expressed….

    starting .. “Once again …” and ending “… accept it (again?)” …. nicely bracketed 🙂

  7. being anti smoker I have faithful smile and lips and I have full light without darkness to behold your sublime senses.

  8. I am a cigarette lover waiting there with open arms in the heavens and hells surrounded by mystique, charisma and wealth waiting for your poem to be embraced by my soul.

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