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PM alerts against reactionary forces, International community hail the deal (Update)

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has urged all parties to remain cautious against the reactionary forces, warning they may try to make the understanding failure.. Informing the House of Representatives about the Historic deal with the Maoists, the Prime Minister said if anyone plots any conspiracy against the historic agreement that will create the most terrible situation and dishearten the aspirations of all the people.

Urging all the parties and the House to work for the implementation of the understanding, the Prime Minister also urged the Maoists to thoroughly follow the agreement. Prime Minister Koirala also highlighted the importance of the House, adding the history of reinstatement of dissolved parliament is either in UK or in Nepal. Koirala added the International community is also wodered at the success the peace process in Nepal is getting. He said the international community is hurried to work with Nepal. Prime Minister Koirala also urged with all to work towards holding the Consituent Assembly Elections within the given time frame.

Meanwhile, the number of friendly nations of Nepal hailing the decision has been increasing. The US and the India hailed the decision Wednesday. Whereas, the United Nations, UK and Denmark welcomed the decision Thursday.

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