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Platoon’s March – Guruju ko Paltan

321. Platoon’s March – Guruju ko Paltan
Photo By: Abishesh Joshi
Posted Date: 13th January


Bringing the idol of Changu Narayan (from Changu Narayan, Bhaktapur) to Taleju temple in HanumanDhoka palace premisis.

During the eighteenth century, the mountain kingdom of Gorkha, west of Kathmandu, grew in strength and size, conquering nearby areas and invading Tibet. The Gorkha soldiers gained a reputation as fierce warriors, and stories and legends began to grow around the soldiers.The Shah King, Prithivi Narayan Shah, who led these soldiers was also called ‘Guruju’ and his soldiers were called ‘Guruju Ko Paltan’.

Once renowned for their ferocity and bravery, the ‘Guruju Ko Paltan’ is now ceremonial in function. During festivals like Indra Jatra, Dashain, Red Machindra Nath and few others, Men from Nepalese Army’s SamarJung platoon, clad in traditional uniforms escort the procession as they play their flutes. They usually fire their old muskets in the air to mark the beginning and end of the festival or a ceremony during the festival.

However, some social groups in the community see this firing of bullets as a sign of oppression by the Shah Dynasty on natives of Kathmandu valley. They argue that with the country now a republic, there is no point in giving continuity to the tradition.

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  1. sorry to say ..but guruju ko paltan means the paltan(Army) of the Bada Guruju (the Royal High Priest or Preceptor of the King) religious Army!!!!..pls write when u know the facts otherwise u are just twisting the history out of ignorance…

  2. Dear Lucida,

    Thanks for your nice WORDS. Obviously, one needs to have SUPER LUCK & PATIENCE with a Knowledge of Photography to get Incredible, journalistic, action & candid shot. Probably, such shot may become the best shot of their entire life. That is why we need to keep on Clicking ! Clicking !! Clicking !!!……..

  3. Panning and Racking surely produces interesting pictures. Dear Samir photographer sometime have to be very lucky to get Perfect panning Shot. It’s all about trying and getting. I don’t think there is any formula to get perfect picture in a Single Shot.

  4. Basically, Panning & Racking (Zooming in or out during the CLICK with SLOW S.S.) tricks are done to show Speedy effects of a particular subject with colorful & contrast backgrounds. It is indeed a tough job to produce such a nice shot in a SINGLE SHOT.
    Feeling Pleasant to see your Excellent Work Mr. Abishesh Joshi !!! Thanks for sharing this one.

    All photographers here in LIN may provide their Short and Prompt SUGGESTIONS: how to produce a perfect panning effect only in a SINGLE SHOT???

  5. Motion blur would’ve been more prominent on a faster moving subject but this time it was soldiers marching…so had to adjust to their speed. and things were happening so fast you did not have time for second retakes…

  6. First U shud have a very steady hand. Keep ur shutter speed around 1/30 and adjust aperture accordingly(S/S also depends on the speed of the subject). it’s better if U have Canon AI servo auto focus. Otherwise manual focus is better. Try with Motor bike or any running vehicles. Practice will make you perfect because it’s not that hard but not easy though. I do it like this. U can try and don’t forget to post those pics on EU. 🙂
    Best of Luck

  7. Shutterbug already said the things i wanted to say, but any way nice panning effect. I wanted to try panning, but… will try one soon. I think shutter speed and the movement of the camera should have a perfect combination with the motion of object.
    I think it is a hard job to complete.
    wish to get tips from Shutterbug on this once.

  8. Perfect pan! Abishesh. My thumbs up. Generally panning make everything get blurred except those ‘subject’s in motion but here moderate speed of shutter helped viewers to recognize the place where this picture was taken.

    I am happy to see such creative pictures here in LIN.

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