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Pigeon: Pet or Pest?

Every morning people can be seen feeding pigeons around temples, Darbar square, and parks as compassion to other living being. Many people feed pigeons for a religious belief of brining good fortune in their life. But many have no clue of these pigeons getting over populated and are infected with various diseases which are known harmful to human. Their droppings can also damage historic artifacts.

In the pictures: Hungry feral pigeons looking for grains at Kathmandu Darbar square.

0 thoughts on “Pigeon: Pet or Pest?

  1. Many thank you all for your good comments. Comments give value to picture and I want to make these comments more interactive here in EU.

    Bishwa! Don’t panic! They are not yet infected with Avian influenza A (H5N1) virus but other disease which can be transmitted especially from its dropping (excreta). And if you take some precaution while mingling with these pigeons is it totally safe. Purpose of this post is, to aware you people about this side of Pigeon and make pigeon feeder cautious. Dear Loona I have no idea how we can monitor these feral pigeons but of course concern authority should take appropriate step before epidemic like Avian influenza dwell on them. I am flirting with an idea of doing one small research about their over population and ways to control them.

    DreamSky! Actually White Dove is a ‘Symbol of Peace’ not pigeon. But in general Pigeon is also taken as a Symbol of Peace. And yes I don’t know how they look when they smile but you know I did ask them to say ‘CHEEEEEEES’ when I took this picture. 🙂

  2. As always, nice shot and nice DOF.

    But sad thing is pigeons (symbol of peace?) are not smiling. May be they are not happy even after CA poll or may be they read your description 😆

    btw, how do they look like when they smile? 🙄

  3. Awesome picture and revealing description. If these pigeons are really infected then they might be hazardous to the community and might cause some kind of epidemic like birdflu, as biswa mentioned. I think, these birds should be closely monitored.

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