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Pigeon for Peace Prayer


377. Pigeon for Peace Prayer
Photo By: Rina Maharjan
Posted Date: 10th June 2009

Tradition of releasing pigeon for peace is almost known to any part of the world, though actual ‘symbol of peace’ in not pigeon but white dove. People believe that peace will prevail when pigeon are released as messenger of peace to heaven above.
Group of Monks from Anandakuti Bihar, Swayambhu Nath, chanting peace prayer before releasing white pigeons to mark the start of 10th National Pigeon Flying Tournament 2066 in Thamel organized by Nepal Pigeon Keeper’s Association.

27 thoughts on “Pigeon for Peace Prayer

  1. Utterly written subject material, thank you for selective information. “Life is God’s novel. Let him write it.” by Isaac Bashevis Singer.

  2. Well composed and it’s a good choice of viewpoint. I can sense a good opportunity for taking some best shots, just next to this moment when all monks release those pigeons up in air. That would be really interesting shots. Anyway, good work. Keep it up.

  3. Nice pic and nice discription. I do know that pegion is not symbol of peace but I didn’t know that White Dove is a symbol of peace. Thanks for sharing.

  4. thanks for your explanation. thanks all for the debate (ah, we need some more in EU). this day didn’t go in waste. peace! my hollow muscular organ located behind the sternum and between the lungs mightily aches.

  5. Thank you all for your comments and compliments.

    Hum… interesting views and opinions even more interesting than this picture itself. To debate on what we believe in and feel true, is a good approach to share knowledge we have and get more knowledge. I wish I have more knowledge to share on all the issues raised by commentators here but what I can share more is that these pigeons are not like other captive birds. These are pet birds kept by pigeon keepers and are very domesticated. Besides, these pigeons are also fond of people. And here I would like to share interesting fact regarding these pigeon. These pigeons will fly back to their keepers home even after they got released which I guess is enough alibi to say that they too love to be in human’s company and enjoy freedom like any other wild bird.

    It is just a symbolic thing to release pigeons for expecting peace or praying for peace. This is what people have in belief in general. Even I don’t believe that releasing pigeons alone can’t bring any peace on Earth. It’s we HUMAN who can bring peace.

    Thanks Kishor ji, this picture also looks good in black and white.

  6. Well said..
    “pain of many chicken, who are kept in captivity, and devoured by MOST OF US with relish..’
    my salute to your thought and this enlightenment

  7. how about the pain of many chickins
    who are kept in captivity
    and devoured by most of us with relish
    contributing to the businiss

    god, absolve us of our sins
    and grant us peace, o please

    but, no, we are here talking of pigins

  8. I DO AGREE WITH DTUladhar to some extent but don’t what i mean is don’t point finger on those monks. Your comment will more worthy if this picture happens to be of Manakamana where birds and animals are sacrificed.
    Also, please encourage the act of salvation no matter what it is done for.
    You have rights to express your opinion but criticizing every act does not work all the time.

  9. अर्थ न बर्थ गोबिन्द गाई टाउको दुखे को दबै भुँडी मा लगाइ

    is there any relation of pain of that pigeon with the peace in the country.

    Please sit for a while and think you can find your answer.

    not allowing to capture the birds make sense but

    buying the birds form the market and releasing it doesn’t make any sense because that seller try to capture more to sell for next time.

  10. Its not the shake of peace or whatever. Its symbolic and trying to give some message to other cruel people.
    It up to you how you perceive things. Also, some people get influenced by words and some by actions.
    The schenarios of freeing bird could turn people less voilent.

  11. @ MR. Tuladhar
    I think you have explained some of my point
    Why to capture the Birds (pigeon) in the name of God let other do whatever they want they are not doing it for the sake of God or Peace.

  12. There are many other reasons for which birds are captured and killed. This is a minor case. Birds are captured for feather and to make other goods. I think it will be worth if you can discourage that sort of act. Those monks are saving those birds which could have been either killed or amputee for other reason.

  13. this world at times needs symbolic gestures. what is sad is that most of the times, most people, including myself, are either unable to understand them or unwilling to pay any heed to them. am wondering if it’s a sin to pluck a rose and present it to a love as a symbolic gesture for the same.

  14. Nice catch, Rina.

    And I like the description, which has clarified the much circulated misconception of Pigeon being the symbol of peace. Yes, in fact it is white dove. Its we the people who have made this “Make Shift Arrangement” because of the similar structure of Dove and Pigeon, as well as the availability of Pigeon in abundance. And yes, we can see the business purpose of it clearly.

    By the way, many may know this, just FYI, dove is called ढुक्कुर in Nepali.

  15. ya its a sin .. obv the piegons will be afraid while they are holding them in their hands and chanting .. did buddha ever said about releasing piegon for peace.. who said it brings peace.. if so then why dont we all do that Nepal needs it

  16. Nice pic and well composed picture Rina. Keep on clicking.
    And, just Praying for the peace is not enough.

  17. @ravi
    I think both the one who buy the pigeon in the name of God to release it and one who capture it to make someone feel happy by releasing it and earn some money.

    If there is no buyer, then i think no one is such a fool to capture a pigeon and feed it.

  18. @ dtuladhar – I don’t think they are doing the sin… they are the ones who released them free..
    m confused whom u’re pointing as “they” :- the one who kept those pigeons in cage or the monks who set them free ….

  19. I think they are doing the sin,

    They are the cause for the capture of white pigeon.

    For there satisfaction pigeon are captured and sold in market, which they buy and release it in the name of PEACE.

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