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Pictures from my archive

After seeing pictures of night life in Kathmandu by Lucida, I checked to see if I had similar pictures myself. Well, I found some. Here they are, few night/evening  shots from my archive….

1. Rapture in Azure twilight – At Swoyambhu

At Swoyambhu

2. Fading Blaze – Shot from my terrace

Fading Blaze

3. “Holi” Evening I – Basantapur, Kathmandu (Taken during Holi Festival)

“Holi” Evening in Basantapur

4. “Holi” Evening II – Basantapur, Kathmandu

“Holi” Evening II - Basantapur, Kathmandu

5. Hanumandhoka Palace – Basantapur, Kathmandu

Hanumandhoka Palace - Basantapur, Kathmandu

6. New Road, Kathmandu

New Road, Kathmandu

7. New Road –II

New Road II

8. Patan Palace Square and Krishna Mandir(Temple)

Patan Durbar Square and Krishna Mandir

9. Evening Sky Seen from D2’s Terrace (October 4th, 2007) (Required a bit of WB, shutter speed and color tweaking to get this effect)

An evening sky seen from D2’s Terrace (October 4, 2007)


That’s all for now…

0 thoughts on “Pictures from my archive

  1. Thanks Aneesh for the link…may be I’ll post some of my pics there aswell…

    Well, I’m not a professional photographer…just a software programmer…and photography is a serious hobby…

  2. Nice Shot Dude…I liked 1,3 and 4 much…and I think Nilesh is right, we must put some copyright things….
    by the way what do you do.?

  3. Thanks for the info, Abhishesh. By the way, the pics on your webspace are great. Post some of those beauties at http://www.caedes.net (don’t see any Nepal images there). It’s a site for professional photographers, graphic artists and 3d modellers to showcase their talents. You can get great reviews there also take part in competitions. Keep up the great work.

  4. Awesome Snaps! I just couldn’t stop myself gazing at those. All of those pictures are superbly mind blowing.

    😀 Just a thought, your photographs be showcased and framed in the walls and alley of D2 premises.

  5. RE: Aneesh Lohani (How is that motion effect done, by the way?)

    well, that is a long exposure shot…mount your camera on a tripod, set the shutter peed to 5 seconds or more(i set it to 20 seconds for this one)…set the aperture to F8 or F10..focus on something in the road…..and wait for the no of seconds you set to expose your pic….and ther you have, a long exposed shot with vehicular motion captured…

  6. Great work there, abishesh.

    Pic 1. Great clarity and contrast to the dull sky (the stupa really looks like a sanctuary for hope and worship against the dark sky)
    Pic 2. The silhouette of the hills against the fading sun looks great; especially, with the blues in the middle and yellows and shades of red on the horizon.
    Pic 3. The best among the others. The contrast, the pale, warm foreground of the Basantapur area and the setting sun makes one want to be there – reminds me of John Hagan’s painting of Alexander the Great. http://www.geocities.com/~jlhagan/lessons/alexander5a.htm
    Pic 4. Smaller, but equally nice, perhaps better, than pic 3, with more pronounced dark, shade and lit areas.
    Pic 5. A real beauty. The pagoda looks great. Great illumination caught on camera. By the way, what material was the signboard sticking on the building made off – it’s giving off a rather artificial reflection
    Pic 6 and 7. Nice shot of downtown New Road. How is that motion effect done, by the way?
    Pic 8. Nice shot of the Basantapur building facades
    Pic 9. Good work, but not breathtaking.

    If I were to rate this work, I’d say Pic 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are breathtaking (3 and 4 the best). By the way, those pics didn’t get editing after capturing, did they? If not, great work. Post more of those beauties, dude.

  7. Hey Abi nicely done!
    Here are some words for you written by Beautiful photographer Angel Ashley!

    Real beauty comes from inner strength,
    Your uniqe self,
    Your spirit and intelligence….
    Not just from having the right face…

  8. Those smaller ones are from my flickr album… I didn’t have larger one in the machine I uploaded it from…

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