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Hiking from Pharping to Matatirtha via Purundi

Participants : SuyeshN (rookie) SanjitP, ManojR, Bhanu, Bimal, Hitesh, BinayaA, Surendra, Kapil and Vishnu
Route : Pharping to Purundi to Matatirtha
Time : 8 hours 30 minutes
Distance : 34 km (Appx)
Date : Sunday, April 08, 2007
Report : SuyeshN
Photos : BimalK
Captions : VishnuK
Creative Support: BinayaN, Dovan

Since childhood, I have always been fond of getting close to nature. After school days, these feelings were obscured within me. I was fed up of living so called “city life”. But now it seems that the good days are back again. I was worried that I could not hike because I caught up cold and had to take medicine to relief slight fever on Saturday evening. Besides that 5 am in the morning? Getting this early was more difficult for me than the whole day hike. However, leaving all those confusions back home, I rushed towards office.
We left D2 at about 7:00 AM. A short stop on the way for breakfast was the point where I felt the fragrance of hiking. Everyone was excited and in a hurry; it seemed the nature was calling us.
Our hike began from Pharping at sharp 8:15 AM. Taking a deep breath, I took the first step. The camera was already busy capturing the gorgeous beauty of nature. Slowly and smoothly, we were passing the challenges the nature has created. Interesting gossips of the hikers created a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. At first it seemed that hiking would be all fun and easy, but after climbing the first peak, it was like “Oh my god, I cannot go anymore”. I could hear my own heartbeat. In the team almost everyone was a regular hiker except me, so maybe it was more difficult for me. Besides the difficult trails and high slopes, the sun was at its best. All of us were wet of sweat.

Upon reaching Hnuman Bhanjyang, we stopped by a small shop to refresh ourselves. “Fanta” never tasted so good. This place was the border between Makawanpur and Bagmati districts. After about 10 minutes of rest, the journey continued. Vishnu and Surendra seemed to get confused about the path we are supposed to go, so discussion in that topic was also fun. Now we were walking through the graveled road. Heat, dust and difficult road, all were challenging us but we were now used to it and were busy enjoying every bit of our walk. Kapil’s humorous gossips and “beeeeessssst…” brought smile on everyone’s face even in such circumstances.

Few kilometers of plain road walk was a bit monotonous but soon the road began to taper and the slopes rise. On the way, we stopped for some drink at “Purundi”. Vishnu’s “Pardafash” issue was really a hot topic and interesting too and not forgetting Surendra’s as usual Compass issues. After about 10-15 minutes, we headed for “Deurali”. It was a great view of the forest with Rhododendron adding beauty to it. Surendra’s spicy pickle radish and carrots during the walk re-energized us. The living of the village, we were enjoying walking, was really tough while the development was null. It was really strange to see the slogans for revolution everywhere in such a small remote village. Some slogans were in English but none in that village seemed to understand English.

Stopping by a school named “Shree Kali Devi Nimna Madhyamik Vidhyalaya”, we distributed the stationeries to the students and the teacher. Innocent smile on those little faces was really divine. After a short distance walk from the school, we stopped by “Mane”, for a bit rest and munching stuff. Even normal biscuits tasted so delicious at that time.
Heading towards “Deurali”, we had a great time. Facing the natural challenges, we were soon at the top of the hill taking rest at 1-2 spots. At a small shop there, we were now enjoying the gossips of the experience we have had during the hiking. Adding to that, Vishnu’s “Hot Aalu” and “Kada Chiya” were really tasty. Talking to the local people also had its own charm. They seemed so interested to talk. The view of Kathmandu Valley from that spot was really a beauty. It seemed that we were at pinnacle.
After a short rest, we had to continue the hike and reach our destination which was Satyapur (Matathirtha). I was glad to know that now we are going down the hills. But soon, same thing repeated, even going downwards the hill, it was tough!!! About 45 minutes of hike (almost running), there was a greatest view I’d ever seen, our office Van was waiting for us. I even didn’t had enough energy remained to run to the Van. All of us were so tired.

The van after a short drive stopped by “Thakali Bhancha Ghar” for dinner. The food was delicious, as always and the unpredictable rain had started by that time. After having food and drinks, we were now on our way home.

Finally we departed wishing “goodnight” to everyone and hence another tough yet amazing hiking ended with great feelings within ourselves. I look forward to hiking again in the coming days and I feel really great that we have such a wonderful team. Thank you everyone.

0 thoughts on “Hiking from Pharping to Matatirtha via Purundi

  1. Since my school days – I have been to 5+ (a few day of trekking in Nepal and Darjeeling) and by far Nepali treks are awesome and challenging.

    HimalChuli Base Camp, Helembu, Gosainkund, Solu-Salleri, Lamidaanda, Rumjatar, Okhal Dhunga, Baglung are a few of them. I wish there is a class trip to all school/college students for all Nepalese. It’s life long experience and you won’t forget even you try to. After the peace process I hope more Nepalese would participate in more Nepal-Bhraman.

    Thank you all for reminding this beautiful country once again – which made me to think again to continue a few that I haven’t had time during my school days.

  2. Yep yep feri jane, it was tough but interesting. Aani timi haru jasto frens haru bhayechi janu ko maja nai aarko cha ni. But next time, tetti garo hunna hola. Best of luck to you too 🙂

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