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Peace process towards a ‘logical end’

Despite the delays, the peace process in this week seems moving towards a logical end. Continuous consultations by both the sides; the seven parties and the CPN Maoists and the reactions indicate progress in the peace process. The confidence among each other also seems increasing. Maoist Supremo Prachanda, after consulting with the Prime Minister on Sunday, said that since “fruitful dialogues are going on” he expects all the matters to be settled within a week.

On Sunday, the Maoist side is learnt to have proposed a single lock up for their arms under UN supervision. In response to the proposal, Prime Minister Koirala is learnt to have said that he will discuss the proposal within his party and with the other constituents of seven party alliance. In the same connection, Prime Minister Koirala met the CPN UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal Monday morning. The informal meet of the Nepali Congress central committee was also held at the Prime Minister’s residence Sunday evening.

One of the issues of creating deadlock in the talks, the Monarchy, also seems to have been settled. The Maoist have agreed to keep the current powerless status of the King till the Constituent Assembly polls. Whereas the seven parties have agreed to form trust of the wealth and property of the late King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya.

In yet another development, the Maoists have put forth the proposal to directly go to the Constituemt Assembly polls, without partaking in the interim government. This proposal is in response to Prime Minister Koirala’s continuous pressure to partake in the interim government after the complete decommissioning of arms. These latest developments seem to bring some logical end to the peace process. With little time to prepare for the Constituent Assembly polls that they have set to hold before mid June next year, both the sides now are busy, giving final touch to the consensus. And leaders say, consensus are likely by next week.

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