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Pandits At Pashupatinath

Pandits At Pashupatinath
474. Pandits At Pashupatinath
Photo By: Ravi Sharma
Posted Date: 20th October, 2010
Location: Pashupatinath

Early morning till the day Pandits place themselves to the sacred place for regular chanting. People come to Pashupatinath for the holy reason and put tika from the Pandits, as a belief that they maintain purity of body and mind.

Camera specification: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS
Shutter speed: 1/50 sec.
Aperture: F/8
FL: 37mm
ISO: 100

Exposure Program: Aperture Priority

3 thoughts on “Pandits At Pashupatinath

  1. This is a ‘regular picture’ taken from normal perspective and this is why it lacks some sparks to captivate viewer’s attention for long. Sometime simply pushing the shutter is not enough. We must put some extra effort to bring in this ‘wow’ effect.

    I am sure Ravi will bring some captivating photos from Pashupati Temple next time as he is planning to go there again to take some photos of ‘Ariti’ at early morning.

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