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Outdoor Social Gathering of D2 Nepal

Date:Saturday, July 21, 2007
Venue: Tribhuwan Park, Thankot
Report: Shreeya, AnupS, SmritiS, RiteshK and AashishK

On Saturday, July 21, 2007, D2HS went company picnic. The venue was Tirbhuwan Park and more than a hundred of D2ians and their family and friends enjoyed the day in various ways. Please find below some personal experiences:

Shreeya Shakya:

All the D2ians gathered for a social gathering, which turned out to be fantastic and fun filled day. With the perfect weather, no rain and no sunshine with occasional drizzle, all the gathered D2ians enjoyed the ambience to the fullest, some gambling, some breaking their backs dancing to the hip music and some taking the role of enthusiastic on-lookers.

The day started early at least for PrakashM, SmritiP and myself as we were one of the first ones to reach the venue before the clock had hit 9 in the morning. We strolled around the park for an hour or so and were soon joined by fellow colleagues with food and drinks for our hungry and thirsty souls. After having quick breakfast and a tour of the park, few settled down to play cards exhibiting their gambling panache, while others settled to loosen up their tight muscles on the dance floor. A little intoxication for few and a ‘lot’ for most, the dance floor was surely on fire with head bangs, swings and sways and even to salsa.

The gamblers gambled the whole day with countless wins and losses. And the dancers danced the day away. Everyone found something or the other to do and took full advantage of the day and returned home with something to share with family and friends.

Anup Sharma:

There was lot of excitement in the air as everybody was planning to spend a Saturday just the right way. So was it. With more than 100 people in the spot, the picnic began with a bang. After having the breakfast (puri, tarkari, jeri etc), everybody got geared up to celebrate the picnic party the way it is meant to be.

Some started playing cards, some went to roam around while some started playing badminton and the lucky ones with cameras started capturing every ups and downs of the picnic. The mood was beginning and everybody was enjoying either playing cards or talking or snapping or walking. When the music hit the spot, boy, some of the male counterparts hit the dance floor. You could see bodies humming with the sounds of serenades from those large loudspeakers. By then everything was ready: music, beer, wine, cold drinks and yes-good old MASU.

The activities continued till the evening (around 5pm). After that everybody started to move towards their homes thinking about how good the day was? Just then, somebody from the crowd said:
Such event should be held regularly
After all, we need to socialize.

Smriti Shrestha:

To start with, the concept of a picnic was not something very appealing. Even till 8AM in the morning, I was in a quandary about whether to be part of picnic or not. But now as I look back at the day, it was worth experiencing.

As I retrospect the picnic, the only thing that comes in my head is dance, dance and dance. It had been a long break to D2 parties and what could make us dance our hearts out more than open space, DJs, music and friends!

Ritesh Khanal:

Rainy season, leeches, and picnic? Didn’t know dancing can hurt your legs more than a whole day of hiking.

A day out as such once in a while, and you can go on for a few months without complaining the pressure.

Aashish Koirala:

I got to the picnic spot early. That’s why my “fun” started early. I do sort-of remember when I left the picnic. I then went roaming around Swayambhu for a while. Besides that, I am quite hazy on what exactly went on (but that’s a good thing– and in my case, a regular thing). All I have to summarize the picnic, therefore, are some “excerpts”, if you will:

“Fanta plus vodka is penchis!!”
“Tyo bottle kasto idle basirachha…”
“Mayale !@#$ !$#@@!!”
“Oh! Aah!! Maile bolaaune!! Maile bolaaune!!”
“Helloooo….. hellooooo…”
“Aiya khuttaa madkiyo!”
“I love you Laaanaaaa!!!”

Fuel for Picnic

Good Morning shall we go to the spot

Picnic spot was beneath these grac

The spot where friends made some stories

I do not look that good do i

Line up for breakfast

Greenly Morning Break

We are at Picnic Mr. & Mrs. BA

Keshav kapil Rupa and Niks

Goodness of SharadP jokes on eggs

Milan with his machine

What is your bet

warming uuup

Hi Sweet heart

The act of Gambling

Chiyabari ma ho Chiyabarima…

Excuse me that was hot

Beer holds Beauty please read message

S and S & dance

Aashish and Pradipna yara kabhi iskq to karo

Fuel Station

Ya Subodh ya

Hoz that

A bit of sport

Playing for stakes in the hope of winning

And same here

Ujjwal and Milan

AAnish you are good at singing

Here and now

One yellow, two blues and white at far

Expression without words

Ek bar ajaa ajaaa…


Lava and his family

Dance goes in circle here

Rudra looks younger

Rejan at his best

And SharadP not bad either

And what would you say here

Laughing Sita

Rocking Ankita

Ritesh and Ritesh

Salsa begins here

Others join here

AnupB with his wife

I am winning CowBoys


Shankar Jee see you in Boston

The manifestation of Joy


Ma’am at interval

Lava making ladies happy here

It’s rocking

Three Gentlemen

People of Desperado

The young man liked our party and came for while

The art of Dance

Tere kare kare naina

Baba keshav and Paney Kapil



Santosh jee Harvard University is good

Suddenly mist started in the afternoonmade us joyous

Loona and Puja in action

Dance and Romance friends say Sanjeetand NirajS

Jigar mei badi aag hai Bidi jalaile

Other side of Picnic spot

Trees of Bottle Brush

Private Party

Boston and Boston


Preoccupied with the pursuit of pleasure

Others repeat here also

Rudra with old time friend Bijaya Kayestha who deployed his men for picnis prepation

Ek Nath assistant disc Man

Olde Worlde three


Shailee found a friend

Backyard view of the Picnic Spot

Two boys one from D2 other from Lubu

Roshan with his beloved

On a small hike

Do not worry i will be back for you

Prakash and Sakar

Anupa becomes a participant here

Sangeeta and astonishment

Relax and Calm


Anjana and Abishesh


An urban youth culture

Khakwai desu ne

Bye bye picnic

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  5. I Wish the same outdoor social gathering be revived.
    lets all from all the department gather for yet another social event.

  6. i found rather intresting but why are you not keeping the photos of tribhuwn park try to improve it ok otherwise it won’t seem nice.

  7. Ammm It was a great party cum picnic… I enjoyed a lot lots of beer and lots of cards .. 😆

  8. I would like to thank two groups and two individuals.

    Group No. 1 D2ians who joined the picnic.
    Group No. 2 The hard workers, who wake up at middle of night at 2 PM and butchered 4 goats to make BBQ for our feast on that day.

    Person No. 1 Rudra for listening his colleagues’ voices and deciding to make an event out of such rainy season.
    Person No. 2 Bijay Kayestha for placing those good souls for timely preparations to fulfill our necessities at the Spot.


  9. I didnt know that head banging in the afternoon makes your neck bang in the evening. But…………worth it

  10. Its good to be king and have your own way
    Get a feeling of peace at the end of the day
    And when your bulldog barks and your canary sings
    Youre out there with winners, its good to be king!

  11. Dance, Dance

    We’re falling apart to half time

    Dance, Dance

    And these are the lives you love to lead

    Dance this is the way they’d look

    If they knew how misery loved me

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