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OSCN2009 in the media

Kantipur TV News aired the information related to Open Software Challenge Nepal 2009. For your convenience, we have posted the excerpt below. Please check it.

A talk show about ‘Open Software Challenge Nepal 2009’ was hosted in the one and only IT program CyberTime at Kantipur FM. OSCN team is sincerely thankful to RJ Shishya for providing the opportunity to talk about the challenge on air.



Avenues TV, our official TV media partner, has started broadcasting following OSCN Advertisement.

0 thoughts on “OSCN2009 in the media

  1. Keynote presenters include:

    Ron Hovsepian, CEO, Novell
    Michael Skok, General Partner, Northbridge Venture Partners
    Jim Whitehurst, President & CEO, Red Hat
    Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, Linux Foundation
    Jonathan Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer, Sun Microsystems
    For full conference information and to see the current agenda, please visit: http://www.osbc.com

    We hope to see you March 24-25, 2009 in San Francisco!

    InfoWorld Media Group
    501 Second Street
    San Francisco, CA, 94107

  2. the adv is nice and i watched it on ATV last nite. a few improvement suggestions:

    1) the bottom section of the adv was not clearly visible due ATV’s bottom strip
    2) the contact info (http://www.d2labs.org/oscn/) was not distinct (mainly due to (1)): a normal user sees Software Challenge 09, forges IDEAS but will have to google to find out how to participate. but of course this might have other benefits (google ‘software challenge 09 nepal’ and see) like the 3rd and 4th result
    3) a voice-over would have added to the effectiveness of the adv
    4) D2HawkeyeServices could have been more prominent if the other intention is to promote this company

    overall, the adv is much better than many other advs in nepali media. good job.

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