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Open Source for Cheapo!!!

Heck it is cheap.

Year’s back Chinese government thought it is too risky to use closed source software like Microsoft’s product in government and military institute. Sure they want to make sure what’s the heck is going inside Microsoft’s software. For that reason, Microsoft concedes its source to Chinese government, as China is a big market. The same reason US military, intelligence and other sensitive institute favors open source, they too want to make sure their software do exactly what it …

…suppose to do.

Once market saturates with proprietary software and open source can do any thing that closed source do or may be more. Once consumers (particularly in US) try to find software that save some money, then open source going to play a big role. Investing some resource/time/energy now on open source is really good idea and is very good future investment.

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  1. Hey Pawan, I participated in an International seminar on E-governance conducted by United Nations University of Macao UneGov.net and they told the same thing to Nepalese government offices as they have transformed many government of developed countries with E-GOV viable due to Open Source concept and its being CHEAPO too.
    I am also an open source bug just like you. The trend shows: Chinese and the European countries have best hackers forgetting the hacker community in US. So, people from hacker rife countries rely on open source more and more. How many real hackers are there in Nepal? Shall we need to hire one or two from those hacker communities to help us out? How many Nepalese currently use brute, wikto, nikto to crack password and sites? how many custom develop their software to penetrate their own open source product? how many have found security holes in bash shells? Really, Nepal needs to invest time/money in newer means of programming(Hacking) skills, else competition with International market in software industry will be just another nightmare.
    Even many companies in Nepal trust in proprietary software because client base does not trust the open source. Using Open Source, get hacked, and think of protecting next time? The client will reject you/me because your/my software was hacked by open source community itself. If you have time and money to spend on developers who really create a masterpiece that can never be hacked by any human or machine in this universe even after getting source code and we can make it reliable enough, then you are right, and I agree being a cheapo.

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