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Open Shop

Open Shop

506. Open Shop
Photo By: Nisha Sharma Pandit
Posted Date: 28th March, 2012

Photo Description:
The photo was taken in Taudaha, a Woman selling food for fishes in the lake. She pays her grand daughter’s school fee from the collected money from her small open shop. This is the life style of most of the Nepalese woman.

Camera Specifications:
Camera Model: NIKON COOLPIX S9
F-stop: F/5.8
Exposure Time: 1/97
ISO Speed: ISO-64
Focal length: 7mm

6 thoughts on “Open Shop

  1. ya we all know what is the reality and life standard of nepal. You guys are continuously posting such photograph and we all know the living standard of people are below average in nepal. You all know these things and you have the program called deerwalk cause too. Then why the hell are you providing the fund to the rich colleges to buy the books. Provide the fund to the school of the women (in photography) so that the poor people can read and write. This might be help for Nepal. This is not only the place to express your photography skills, do think ….. and talking about the voting no one is going to vote for such poor (we all know the reason why ??? facebook is even for richer people ) ….

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