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One Day Dolalghat Hike

Route Dolalghat > Bhimsenthan
Date March 04, 2018
Hiking Duration 6
Coordinator Aasish K.C and Riwaj Chalise
Participants Aadesh Dhakal, Aashish KC, Abhisekh khatiwada, Ayush Raj Sedhai, Bigyan Paudel, Dhiraj Dhungana, Giriraj Khatri, Isha Shrestha, Mahan Adhikari, Mandip Prasai, Riwaj Chalise, Saurav Bhandari, Sunita Kunwar, Surendra Nath Adhikari, Takdir Bartaula
Report By Giriraj Dhungana and Mahan Adhikari
Photos By Giriraj Khatri and Dhiraj Dhungana
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey

Giriraj KhatriGiriraj Khatri
DWIT hiking club organized a one-day hiking to Bhimsenthan. The hikers were called at 6:15 in the morning, but there were only very few hikers who were on time. There was an unpleasant feeling to wait so long for others when it was clearly mentioned on email to arrive sharply on the mentioned time.

Finally, the Hiace left the college premise at 7:15 exactly after one hour of scheduled time. There was little fun while riding along the Araniko highway as most of them were waiting for the vehicle to stop and eat breakfast. However, there were singing, which is mandatory while you travel on a group. After having breakfast around 9, all of them were charged and the vehicle was filled with noise.

The 14 hikers who started to hike from Dolalghat and it lasted for six hours. The route was a perfect combination of uphill, plain terrain and downhill with a view of perennial Indrawati and Sunkoshi river that mesmerized the hikers mind and rejuvenated them. There were often stoppings as some hikers were struggling to meet the pace. Due to unavoidable circumstances, the hikers were diverted from the route without reaching the destination – Bhimsenthan. However, it was compensated as the hikers were allowed to enjoy the in the chill water of river Indrawati.

After being freshed by the water of Sunkoshi, we entered to eat late lunch at some local restaurant. The food was not excellent but not bad. It was like, “What tastes better food or starvation?”
We rode back along the same highway but this time with more energy. The throat drying from singing and shouting were made wet by the fantastic organic lassi and even after the drink it would not stop. Finally, the hikers were dispatched from college premises in 7 with lots of moments to cherish.

Mahan AdhikariMahan Adhikari

“And Into the woods I go to find my eternal peace and happiness.”

Just like the quote above hike to Bhimsenthan from Dolalghat was full of nature, sweat and happiness. We gathered at the college premises at about 6 30, filled our water bottles with water and headed to Dolalghat. It was about 2 hours of drive to Dolalghat. We then rested in Dolalghat ate our breakfast and started our hike to bhimsenthan. Uphill’s and stairs in middle of a jungle was very difficult to conquer but one-step after the other we kept of walking. Some were ahead while some enjoying each moment and resting. After 3 to 4 hours of hike, we rested in a cave like place where we had our snacks. Those noodles and chips were nothing less than a five star dish because of our sweat, hunger and fatigue.

As, the road was very difficult to rise we could not make it to Bhimsenthan and started our downhill journey from somewhere in between. The hike was wonderful and the “thali” of rice tasted exceptional. After a full day of walking, the journey to come back to college was very enjoyable. We sang, rested and some even fell asleep while returning to the college.
Overall, this hike was a day worth remembering.

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