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Rajendra Keshari Pandey



From the last quarter of the 18th Century Kajis performed both civil and military functions and ranked immediately after the Chief Minister in Nepal. These Kajis were very influential and used to be powerful. Witty at passing words and good at giving orders to their juniors, they used to excel at pleasing their bosses. 

The presence of Kajis and their performance style seems to be a saga occurring again here in our country, especially in security matters. Passing orders has nowadays become a common fashion in Nepal. It is just like the old saying, which reads: Raja le Kaji lai, Kaji le Paji lai aaraune (Paji = means fool or idiot). What happens with this type of order is — the work is not accomplished; it remains in an unresolved situation. Another proverb of our country correctly clarifies the above saying. Kaam kuro ekatira, kumlo boki Thimi tira. The translation of this proverb is somewhat like this: The work, consultation and result is somewhere else, without a purpose this person just holding his baggage (Kumlo) heads towards Thimi.

Recent news dated 05th December 2007 in The Himalayan Times (THT) is a modern example of the above tradition and proverbs. The THT news reads:

“Check crimes, Sitaula tells cops “
Rastriya Samachar Samiti


Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula said today that the security personnel should work with more creativity, discipline and dedication in order to bring under full control the major challenges like abduction, illegal arms and extortion seen in the present situation.

Giving directives to security officials in connection with a special security plan at a function held here today, Home Minister Sitaula said though the police have been gradually checking the crimes being committed by various groups since the restoration of democracy in the country, police personnel should become more active and make the ongoing work more effective.

The Nepal Police, Armed Police and affiliated police employees should regard it as their main responsibility, and respond to the questions of law and order being raised in the society, he said.

“The people should get guaranteed law and order within 15 days of the enforcement of the special security plan,” he said.

On the occasion, Home Secretary Umesh Prasad Mainali made it clear that the special security plan enforced in eight districts of the Tarai and three of the Valley was not any operation, but an additional mobilization of security forces.

The tendency of some groups taking the law in their hands should be checked, he added. Metropolitan Police Commissioner, AIGP Hem Bahadur Gurung, said the police would continue to maintain law and order.

It is an entirely appropriate and necessary order that he is giving to his deputies, but where are the results? This order giving culture without implementation has been a constant process here in Nepal. Who is giving orders to whom and who is passing that again onto the next person goes on and on, but who is following the order, who is responsible and empowered to implement it? Who exactly is maintaining the law and order properly? The situation seems even more chaotic or fragile than before. I am confused as to what type of leader we need in Nepal? A Leader who can lead, or one who can mislead?  I recall that a great person once said. “Cheat one person you will be called a cheater, cheat the country you may become a leader.

Thus the situation here looks chaotic especially in security matters and really resembles the saying: Raja le Kaji lai, Kaji le Paji lai aaraune. During my school life once a friend of mine uttered very interesting joke: “Nobody nonsense, anybody thank you?” I know this statement makes little sense, but the situation here seems exactly like this.


  1. Rajendrs Panday is quite familiar for us about his style while writing some kinds of artical. He is some how confused while talking about the law and order of this country.
    Since the maoist have joined the main stream, it is obviously clear for all of us that the night life of general public that was restricted just unto 6 pm in the evening has extended upto 10 pm without any fears, tha is proved by the street walkers during this time every day in kathmandu. now if we say, the police or the home ministry is looking for the security that is not correct becasue police are just good for nothing, if we look them clolsely, we can find the same criminals hiding behind the covers of uniforms durin the night and its is totally the fault of ministry. How you can expect perfect security and maintaining of law and order where nothing has been changed except the hungry cadres of maoists are now enjoying few chips and burgers after their 12 years of war turns into peace deal.
    It is quite surprinsing some time when Rajendra seems to be walking off the tracks. Chao!

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