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Sumit Shrestha


On a cold, cloudy day

Its a cold, cloudy day and I am home. It is afternoon but there is still no hope of sun but darkness and it seems that it will rain soon. I am on the lap of my mother watching my dad sitting besides her. The entire time seems to freeze now. The smooth flow of time is taking me. I can feel her warmth like the best blanket and don’t want to leave. Both are watching me smile and returning back honest smile to me. It soon rains and I can hear rain drops hitting on ground and roof. I touch her even more tightly due to fear of thundering which she knows that I have. But, my dad smile calms me down and ensures me that all is well.

Suddenly, I get called by someone in my desk. I take out my headphone which sings soundtrack from Departures(Okuribito)

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  1. hehe… well thought is fastest of all.. it moves in a flick of second… this song is about 4 minutes long… i see entire thing in 4 minutes and dats y i have shorten this blog to represent the shortness of time in thought

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